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Found 4 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Orton In memory of Christopher Sharp of Liverpool who died at Orton August 5th 1885 aged 60 years. also of his wife Hannah who was buried at Southport, Lancashire and his daughter Agnes Mary at St. James's Cemetery, Liverpool. He was the third son of Robert Sharp of Rayne and Agnes Ion of Orton his wife and was born at Row End Oct. 13th 1824 ; the said Robert Sharp was buried in the sacred ground of this church. Agnes his wife was buried at Bebington in Cheshire with their daughter Agnes; their sons Richard and William were buried at St. James's Cemetery, John and Thomas at the Necropolis, Liverpool. Waiting in hope for the glorious Resurrection. C. S. 1885.

Orton (N. altar tomb). Here lieth intered (sic) ye Body of Frances Sharp of Rain . . Who departed this life January ye 29th Anno Domini 1723 Aged 39. Let me Die ye Death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his.

Orton (N. altar tomb and brass). Of Dr. Sharp hereunder rests the Dust In hope O' th' Resurrection of the Just, Who while he Liv'd, Liv'd to ye Noblest ends To serve his God, his Country, and his Friends. From Sin & Sorrow Exempt his Soul above Now reigns with God with Christ in peace & love. His grateful Country still preserves his Name, His wondrous Cures and Skill embalme the same. With dearest Friends his precious Memory Lives fresh and fragrant & shall never die, If with him You'd ascend ye Blissful state Always do Good, his Graces imitate. Dr. John Sharp was here Interred 2d day of March Anno Domini 1723 Ætatis Suæ 47. Gratitudinis Ergô posuit T. L.

Orton (N. altar tomb and brass). In memory of John Wardale of Orton and Margaret his Wife daughter of Robert Sharp of Rayne and of their Children, John who died Augst. 1st 1723 aged 22. The Reverend . Robert Wardale, Memory of A. Prebendary of Carlisle, Vicar of Brampton in Cumberland, and of Corbridge in Northumberland who died April 3rd 1773 aged 68. And Frances who died December . 1st 1781 aged 78, and who by her Will gave Twenty pounds to the Poor of this Parish and Four Hundred Pounds towards the endowment of a school at Orton. (On the stone). Frances Wife of Robert Sharp departed this life July ye 8th 1732 aged (? 80).