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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (Fragments on wall between churchyard and old vicarage court). Here lie the remains or Hannah Wife of William Sowden of (Far) Cross Bank Who departed this life September 22d, 1753 Aged 19 . . . was an affectiunate . . . Also of Mrs. Dorothy Sowden, widow of John Sowden, She. dep . . . June 28, 1741 A . . .

Kendal (S. E). Here lie the Remains of William Sowden late of Town End in Scalthwaiterigg, he died July the 26th 1767 Aged 63, And Mary his Wife who died 23rd December 1787 Aged 63. (T.Jennings)* * This family, who were for several generations woollen manufacturers at Mealbank, were members of the Society of Friends, The last representative, John Watson Sowden, died in 1839 T. Jennings.