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Found 4 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (In. W). In Memory of Mr. Bryan Wilson of Kendal, Surgeon, who died 3 May 1777 Aged 56, And Alice his Wife, daughter . of William Matson of Titeup Esquire, who d. 3 August 1788 Aged 66. Also William their Son who died 15 July 1785 Aged 26.

Kendal (In. W). Near this Place lieth the Body of Captain Edward Wilson who died L. 1st January 1781 Aged 67. Here lie the Remains of Isabel Wilson his Wife And Eldest daughter of William Matson of Titeup Esquire who departed this life 4th November 1789 Aged 73. Also Near this Place Lieth James Wilson Their eldest Son who d. L. 6th May 1780 Aged 36. Here also lies interred William Wilson Esqr. Son of the above named Captain Edward Wilson, & Isabel his Wife, who died the 12th Day of July 1811 Aged 64.

Kendal (In. Parr chapel, where Matsons are interred, on blue flag before the 1850-2 restoration). Margaret Matson 1773 aged 85. (Mr. Jennings).

Kendal (In. W). Near this Place are deposited the Remains of William Matson of Titup ; in the County of Lancaster Esqr. ; who departed this life the 4th day of February 1764 aged 45. Also the Remains of Ann, his wife the 2nd daughter of Jacob Morland of Capplethwaite Esqr. ; who died the 28th Day of July 1791 aged 83. Arms, or, cross patte sa. within gold border, impaling sa. griffin segreant wings displayed or.