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Found 17 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (E). Memory of S. Rachael Cowper, died April 8th 1828 aged 39 years. , also of William Cowper, who died July 12th 1834 aged 81 years. , also of Thomas Shaw of Hale died Dec. 13th 1874 aged 63 years. , also of Agnes his wife died January 13th 1875 aged 58 y.

Beetham (S). In remembrance of Agnes Read of Slackhead who died very suddenly December 15th 1875 aged 19 years. and 11 m., also of Sarah Jane Shaw of Slackhead who died January 21st 1875 aged 20 days.

Beetham (S). Sacred memory of Thomas Shaw of Beetham who departed this life the 14th day of November 1853 Aged 75 years. Also of Mary his Wife who died February 15th 1862 Aged 80 years. , may they rest in peace.

Brough (Taken 1874 not found 1886). Here lies the Body of John Shaw of .Gillbrand who . . . (? was born ) Oct. ye 7th 1677 and died . . . day of July 1740. (3 July Parish Register )

Brough (S). O ye sons of men, in the midst of life ye are in death, therefore be ye always ready for in such an hour as ye think not the final summons cometh. This stone is erected by George Shaw of Blearthgill in m. William Shaw his Father, who departed this life on the l0th of April 1804 Aged 72. Also of Isabella the Wife of Geo: Shaw who died 11th of April 1804 Aged 32. Also of Edward the son of George and Isabella. Shaw who died at Black Skarr on the 16th December . 1821 aged 25.

Dufton (N). In affectionate remembrance of James Shaw of Donington, Leicestershire, who died at Dufton November l0th 1878 aged 73 years.

Heversham (N. altar tomb). In memory of William Shaw of Milnthorpe who died May 14th, 1855 aged 63 years. A faithful friend a husband dear, A tender father lieth here, Great was the loss we did sustain, But hope through Christ to meet again. Also of Elizabeth his widow who died October 13th, 1867 aged 75 years. Weep not for me, my race is run, It was the Lord, His will be done. Also of Mary their eldest daughter who died in London Octr, 13th 1835 aged 40 years. , also of Bryan Holme their eldest son who died in Liverpool June 15th, 1864 aged 39 years. , also of Ann their daughter who died in Liverpool November . 21st, 1874 aged 52 years. , also of James their son who died in Liverpool July 26th, 1877 aged 50 y.

Kendal Here Lieth the Body of James Shaw, Esqr.laite Mayor of Kendal who Died in his Mayoralty, the 16 of May 1739, Aged 51, and also three of his Children Elizabeth, Edmond and Ann. Here also Lie Elizabeth his Wife, who died the 12 of July 1753 Aged 63.0.* (Partly Mr. Jennings' copy.)

Kendal (In. S. aisle E. floor). Here lieth the Body of John Shaw Esqr. late Justice of the Peace for the County of Westmorland, and Magistrate of this Corporation. He departed this life on the 3d Day of May 1782 in the 66th years. of his Age.* * Mr. Shaw was nephew to the celebrated Oriental traveller Dr. Thomas Shaw. His son John built Anchorite's House, and his third son William married Anne da . of Thomas Wybergh, eldest son Alderman John Shaw, of Clifton Hall, by Mary Hilton of Ormside Hall. (Mr. Jennings).

Kendal (E. altar tomb). Here lie the Bodies of Thomas Shaw, Shearman and Agnes his wife, he died January 4, 1695 aged 65. She died March 1720 aged 77. This Monument is erected to their Memory by ye Reverend Thos. Shaw died D. their grand-son. Also Thomas Baldwin who died October 27, 1782 aged 90. Elizabeth his wife died August 17, 1785 aged 90. Thomas their Son died Decr. 18,1787 aged 56. John their Son died February 3, 1788 aged 53. Miles their Son died January 16, 1807 aged 74. Margaret his wife died April 6,1811 aged 74 years. Martha, daughter of Thomas And Elizabeth Baldwin died September . 22, 1813 aged 91. (brass, W. end). In memory of Sarah Cundall who died July 26th 1815 Aged 78 years.

Kendal (W). Thomas Shaw 1819, Jaine Shaw 1827, Thomas Shaw, Junr. 1838, David Shaw 1817, Mary Shaw 1824.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Bryan Shaw late of Nateby who died April 19th 1853 aged 68 years.

Kirkby Stephen Here rest in hope the mortal remains of Joseph Shaw of Nateby who died July 2, 1823 aged 73, also of Jane his wife who died February 14, 1824 aged 78.

Ravenstonedale (S). Virtue alone has Majesty in Death. Here are deposited the Remains of the mortal Part of the Reverend . Anthony Shaw of EIlergill who departed this life August 2d 1789 aged 43 years. Kind Angels watch his sleeping Dust Till Jesus comes to raise the Just; Then may he wake in sweet Surprise, And to Eternal Mansions rise. Also th . . . . . aw of El . . . ill . . . . who departed this life March 8th 1820 Aged 76 years.

Ravenstonedale (S). In Memory of Thomas Buck Shaw of Saint John's College, Cambridge, who died March xxix, MDCCCLXI aged xxv. years. Resurgam.

Ravenstonedale (W. altar tomb). Here buried lies Will. Shaw of ( ? Crosby Garrett) . . . . . A . . . . . August . . . . . 7(?0) . . . . . (brass on stone). Here Iyeth the Body of James Richardson who contriv'd and renewed the Rebuilding of this Church in the Year 1 . . He departed this life the 8 Day of August 1734 Aged 78 years.

Ravenstonedale (S). In memory of William Shaw (Yeoman) of Aisgill, Mallerstang, who died at Tarn-house in this Parish October 29th 1844 aged 57. (Sons and Daus.) William died March 17th 1848 aged 21. Jane died March 21st 1848 aged 5. James died March 26th 1848 aged 13. Elizabeth died April 2nd 1848 aged 10. Eleanor died May 20th 1848 aged 17. Elizabeth died an Infant in 1834. John died December 25th 1858 aged 39. And of Eleanor wife of the above-named William Shaw, Yeoman, who died October 20th 1882 aged 86.