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Found 7 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W. 2 altar tombs, rail). 1. Here lie-the Remains of James fifth Son of John Bainbridge, late of Sedbergh, Gent. and of Ann his Wife who died June 21st A..D. 1780 Aged 14 years. Also of Ann, Wife of the saId John Bainbridge who died March 31st A.D. 1800 Aged 73 years. Henry, Fourth Son of the said John Bainbridge many years. Surgeon and Apothecary at Sedbergh who died December . 25th A.D. 1816 Aged 53 years. John Bainbridge their aged Father who died February 3rd A.D. 1817 Aged 91 years. Margaret daughter of Henry above named who died August 28, A.D. 1817 Aged 29 years. Also of Isabella Bainbridge, Widow of the above named Henry Bainbridge who died November 25th A.D. 1849, Aged 74 years. also of Sarah wife of Bryan Batty and daughter of the above named Henry Bainbridge who died March 18th 1876 in her 78th Y .also of Bryan Bainbridge, Surgeon of Sedbergh who died August 30th 1876 in his 84th years. , universally beloved, respected and regretted. These in succession have to death bow'd down And now are gone to their eternal home. 2. To the memory of The Reverend Thomas Bainbridge, Son of Mr. John Bainbridge late of Sedbergh deceased, and many years. Rector of Addlethorpe, Lincolnshire who departed this life l0th of April 1844 Aged 84 Years. In peace I here lay down my weary head, Mingling my ashes with the mouldering dead Tranquil I sleep in humble hope to rise, Jesus to meet, triumphant, in the skies !

Kirkby Lonsdale (S. wall). In memory of Edward Batty of Kirkby Lonsdale, Son of the above, who d. the 21st Day of December . 1796 aged 37 years. And of Eleanor Batty his Wife who d. the 9th Day of May 1795, aged 27 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N. W). Sacred memory of James Batty of Barbon, who departed this life 15th September . 1830 aged 78 years. Also of Anna his wife who departed this life 18th July 1825 aged 72 years. Ah ! cruel Death, that would no longer spare A wife belov'd–a mother ever dear, Great is the loss to those now left behind But she, we hope, eternal joys doth find. Also of Richard son of Robert Bownas and Grandson of the above James and Anna Batty, who departed this life 16th November . 1830 aged 5 y and 6 m.

Kirkby Lonsdale (S. wall). Near this Stone are interr'd the Remains of John Batty, late of Deansbiggin, Gentleman, who died the 1st Day of April 1791 aged 62y. Also the Remains of Elizabeth Batty his Wife who died the l0th day of April 1800 aged 75 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. S). Sacred memory of Thomas Batty, Esq. who born at Burrow, the 29th September 1717 & died at Preston 24th January 1781, and lies interr'd near the foot of this Wall. His only Child Agnes the Wife of John Addison of Preston erected this Monument in grateful Remembrance of his departed Worth.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N.W. rail). In affectionate remembrance of William Batty Esq. who died November 11th 1868 aged 82 years.

Lowther In loving memory David Batty of Lowther who departed this life on the 22nd July 1885 aged 53 years. "Nothing in my hand I bring Simply to Thy Cross I cling."