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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. W. tower S. brass). In Memoriam Edward Conder of this parish born circa 1486, Buried February 8th 1542 also Edward Conder who was Buried May 4th 1590. also Edward Conder of Terry Bank Buried October 25, 1617. also Edward Conder of Terry Bank Born April 1610, Buried October 7th 1675, also Edward Conder, of Terry Bank Bank born May 1653 Buried-March 21st 1724, also Edward Conder of Terry Bank, born May May 1692, Buried July 28, 1768, also of Edward Conder of Terry Bank, Born October 1759, Buried February 3rd 1843. R.I.P.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W. wall). In memory of Edward Conder Late of Old Town who died July 28th 1768 Aged 76 years. And of Mabel Conder his Wife who died July 21st 1824 Aged 96 years. Also of Elizabeth Conder Wife of Edward Conder of Old Town who died December 29th 1809 Aged 46 years. And of Her Husband, Son of the said Edward and Mabel Conder, who died February 3rd 1843 Aged 84 years. Likewise of Mary Conder daughter of the above named Edward and Mabel Conder who died October 10th 1848 Aged 88 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W. altar tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Edward Theobalds of Keastwick who died the 7th of October 1818 aged 85 years. At his request this monument was erected by his Executrix Mary Conder.