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Found 13 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (S. unfixed brass). Here lyes the Hody of John Dickinson (only Son of John Dickinson and Ann his wife of Overthwaite within this parish) who dyed the 4th day of April Anno Dm. 1716 in the 23rd years. of his age. .

Beetham (S. altar tomb). Nigh this place lie the remains of John Tomlinson of Haslack, born 1596, died May 2nd 1678. Elizabeth his wife died February 7th 1670. Thomas Tomlinson their son born 1618, died May 27th 1718, Jane, wife of Thomas Tomlinson and daughter of Robt. Dickinson of Whasset died January 27th 1691. John son of Thomas and Jane Tomlinson died January 22nd 1691. Ellen his wife and daughter of William Smith of Arkholme died January 22nd 1691.

Brough (S. Aisle). Sacred memory of John Dickinson, Gentn. of Brough Sowerby Town head who departed this life February 5th 1843 Aged 91 years. Also of Margaret his wife who died February . 12th 1802 aged 33 years. Also of Frances Emily daughter of the Reverend . John Dickinson, Vicar of Compton Dundon, Somerset, and Frances Elizabeth his wife, And Grand daughter of The above named John and Margaret Dickinson, who died 18th May 1840 aged 8 years. The above named Reverend . John Dickinson died May 27th 1863 aged 65 years. The above named Frances Elizabeth Dickinson died 3rd February 1869 aged 67 years.

Burton In Kendal (N). In remembrance of Ann the beloved wife of John Carr of Moss Lane Cottage who died April 3rd 1863 aged 44 years. , also of John William their son who died November 13th 1868 aged 5 years. and 7 m., also of Hannah Dickinson who died January 4th 1868 aged 72 years.

Burton In Kendal (Church yard wall). Near this Place lie the Remains of Thomas Dickinson who died February 13th 1846 Aged 52 years.

Clifton (S). Erected in m. Matthew Dickinson of Clifton who died May 27th 1835 aged 55 years. Also of Mary Dickinson his Wife who died April the 11th 1850 Aged 68Y. Also Elizabeth Robinson daughter of the above who died March 11th 1869 aged 57Y. Also John son of the above Matthew Dickinson who died January 13th 1881 aged 67 years.

Dufton (S). To the memory of Joseph Dickinson Senr who died March 20th 1822 aged 80 years. , also Mary his daughter and wife of John Ion died May 16th 1816 aged 43 years. , also John Ion her husband who died April 13th 1840 aged 69 years.

Dufton (S). To the memory of Joseph Dickinson Junr who departed this life May 17, 1815 aged 38 years. and about 9 m.

Heversham (S). Here Lieth Interrd. the Body of Ellinor the Wife of Joseph Dickinson of Milnthrop who departed this life the llth day of October 1776 in the 72d years. of her Age, also the Body of the said Joseph Dickinson who died on the 2d of November . 1780 aged 63.

Kendal (W). In Memory of Miles Beck, late of Natland who died October 14th, 1780, Aged 60, also of John Beck his Son, who died August 14th, 1784, Aged 37. Also of Agnes Dickinson, his daughter who died November 9th, 1804, Aged 47. Also of John Dickinson, his Son in Law, who died January 2nd, 1807, Aged 56. Also of Martha, Widow of Miles Beck who died November8th, 1810, Aged 86. Also of Margaret their daughter , who died April 28th. 1811, Aged 46. Also of Emma their daughter who died November 23d, 1818, Aged 73. Also of Thomas, son of Thomas Beck, who d. May 7th, 1818, Aged 26. Also of Walter Beck of London, their son, who died January 6th, 1819, Aged 59. Also of Thomas Beck of Kendal, their Son, who died February 1st, 1819, Aged 66. Also of William Beck, their Son who died and was Buried in the Isle of Delos, Africa, June 1791, Aged 36. Also of Miles Beck of Preston in Lancashire, their Son, who died January 13th 1821, Aged 70.

Kendal (E). This Tomb is inscribed with Parental Affection To Memory of Isabella Dickinson daughter of Richard & Dorothy Dickinson of Kendal, who departed this life the 20th of February 1793. Aged 18 years. Likewise the body of Dorothy Dickinson, Wife of Richard Dickinson, who departed this life the 1st of September 1810 Aged 73 years. Also the body of Richard Dickinson who departed this life on the 21st of March 1814 Aged 79Y .

Kendal (E. 2 altar tombs, rail). [I.] In memory of Benjamin Hunter, Wine Merchant, who d. February 2, 1804 aged 51, also of Elizabeth, his Wife, daughter of John Dickinson, of Low Barrows Green, who died February 4, 1788 aged 25, & of Alice, his second Wife, daughter of the Reverend Isaac Knipe Memory of A. of Ambleside, who died December 27, 1802 aged 35, & of Catherine his daughter who died June 4, 1799 aged 4 Memory of [2] .Thomas Hunter late of Kendal, Hosier, died February 12th 1784 aged 64Y., And Catherine his daughter died July 15th 1766 aged 9 years. , Also Catherine his Wife departed this life May 18th 1787 aged 73. Thomas Hunter, hosier, son of Thomas & Catherine Hunter died June l0th 1811, aged 56. Jane Hunter died September 16th, 1829 Aged 73.

Windermere (S). In Memory of Robert Benson of Lindeth who departed this life August 26, 1815 aged 68 years. Here also lie the Remains of Ann his daughter who lost her Life by a Fall on the Ground July 12, 1795 aged 15. Joseph his Son died April 8, 1804 aged 10 years. Robert his Son died July 16, 1810 aged 23 years. Betty Dickinson his daughter died November 3, 1813 aged 34 years.