North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Burneshead


Burneshead Beetham

(" In High quire S. side in wainscot." Machell). F. died 1614. Also rough note of Arms. 41y of 6; I. sa. saltire ar. (Duckett) ; 2. saltire betw. 12 cross (crosslets) (Windsor) ; 3. bend; 4; guttee (Coll. Arms c. 39) ; 5. cornucopia stringed (Bellingham) ; 6. 3 bendlets, on canton lion rampant (Burneshead) Crest, of Duckett. These arms also appear on a monument in Jesus College, Cambridge, with the positions of 3 & 4 reversed, to Lionel Duckett 1603. Hill MSS, II. 296. N. & B. I.

Burneshead Kirkby Lonsdale

(" This coat of arms was on ye Casterton pew on ye south side on wainscot A.D. 1605 in Kirkby Lonsdale church." Hill Memory of SS 11,328 citing Machell). Crest. (Over an esquire's helmet) a stag's head cabossed* Arms, 41y of 6. 1 & 6 ar. on chevron 3 cross crosslets fitched, a crescent for difference. (For Braithwaite, i.e. gu. on chevron ar. 3 cross-crosslets fitched sa.); 2, barry ? lion rampant vert; 3 vert, a bend erm.; 4 or, a bugle horn sa. (for Bellingham); 5, ar. 3 bendlets gu., on canton of last, lion rampant (of field) (Burneshead). * This is not the Braithwaite crest at Coll. Arms (C. 39, 7, & 2 died 14.) The collar and line round the "couchant greyhound" were taken away by Segar at the College in 1601.