North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Adams


Adams Appleby St Lawrence

(S). To the memory of Jane Adams wife of William Adams late of his Majesty's 17th Regiment of Foot, daughter of Thomas and Frances Ionson of Appleby, she was a truly affectionate wife, a tender mother, a sincere friend, and benevolent to all, she travell'd with her husband thro' divers parts of N. and S. America, the W. Indies and Canada, and has here, in the land of her nativity, resigned her Dust to dust, to await the raising of the just, she departed life the 1st Augst 1781, aged 45 years. As near her grave in silent grief we stood, And o'er her coffin poured the pious flood, While every bosom heaved the tender sigh, And plenteous sorrow flowed from every eye Musing, I said, Why all this idle woe, Why mourn for her who fled from grief below. Pitied the weakness of our well meant love And shares the Baptism of the soul above. No more my Soul this tender grief upbraid 'Tis the soft tribute to the worthy paid. Pour then ye friends your sorrow o'er her bier Your grief is . . . for it flows sincere ; You shew your virtue in each tear you shed Who knew her living must lament her dead.