North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Gabetis


Gabetis Brough

(E. Wall). Tho. Gabetis Esqr. The wise, the Eloquent, the just, Lyes here interr'd among the dust Below. Who Forty years and More Was Sheriffe, Nowe is Heaven's Store: Was Fresh and Understanding Too At 86 As Those That Woo. When Death w'th croaked Syth and glass, Set out ye Bounds he Shu'd not Pass, Saintlike his Sickness, and his Death Admir'd By all; His parteing Breath Soe Sweet As Might Perfume ye Earth. Doubtless yt Spotless Soule of his Is gone into Eternal Bliss. Obijt 25 Die Martij Anno Salutis 1694. (As now deciphered anew with some difficulty).