North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Grainger


Grainger Brough

(S). In Memory of John Grainger of Brough Sowerby who died June 16, 1866 Aged 76 years. Also Margaret wife of the abovenamed J. Grainger who died April 9th 1862 Aged 66 years. And of Mary Ann, Wife of Christopher B. Johnson of Hawes and daughter of the abovenamed John and Margaret Grainger who died Febuy 13 1868 aged 34 years.

Grainger Brough

(S). To Memory of Mary Grainger of Park-house she died July 13th 1838 Aged 65 years. Also of John Grainger, Husband of the above who died July 16th 1867 Aged 80 years. And of William Watson, husband of Ellenor Watson, the latter daughter to the above, who died January 31st 1858 Aged 47 years. Also the abovenamed Ellenor Watson who died November 26th 1881 Aged 68 years.

Grainger Kirkby Stephen

(In. S. wall of tower). Thomas Rudd de Hartley, Jno. Wharton de Wharton, Jno. Grainger de Kayber, Robert Bousfield de Soulby, Church Wardens 1763.