North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Ouds


Ouds Brough

(In. floor, brass, first part of epitaph now gone). Orate pro Aia, Mri. Thomæ Ouds quondam Rector . . . . Dnorum Epi. et Archidiaconi Carliol. Official. qui obijt XXII . . . . (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703) (& at neck of figure with two small round medallions bearing emblems of St. Mark & St. John}, Reposita est haec Spes mea in Sinu meo.

Ouds Musgrave

(In. floor, brass). Epitaph now gone, a priest praying, & about his neck is written - Reposita est hæc spes mea in sinu meo. (“ There are 2 small round medallions with emblems of St. Mark & St. John.” Mr. Crump). In four roundels, one at every corner, an angel wiith this label, Mercy, Jesu. (N. & B. 1.588). At foot, epitaph - Orate pro Aia Mri Thomæ Ouds quondam Rector. ...Dnorum Epi et Archidiaconi Carliol official. qui obijt xxii. ...(Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703, p. 46.)*