North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Dreeks


Dreeks Brough

(E. 4 stones within rail). 1. (brass on stone). S.M.John Rumney, surgeon, of Brough who departed this life 12th of June 1816 aged 82 years. (On the stone) Sacred memory of Catherine Rumney second daughter of John Rumney Breeks and Catherine his Wife, late Richardson who on the 16th Dayof January 1820 in the 17th Year of her age departed this life in triumphant prospect of Everlasting Happiness through the merits of Jesus Christ. She was a most Dutiful Daughter, an affectionate Sister, and from natural and acquired Abilities an amiable companion. Her Last Words were "Father & Mother, Praise God," 2. Sacred memory of Jane the beloved wife of Thomas Lowdon, London, and daughter of John and Catharine Rumney, Surgeon, Brough, who departed this life on the 2nd day of May 1847 aged 32 years. ; her amiable and active mind, fraught with Christian duties, endeared her to her .relations and friends, rendered her death most deeply lamented. 3. G. R. Rumney 1806 (or 8) Memory of R. 4. (Brass on stone). Sacred memory of Francis Richardson of Brough who departed this life in Peace with God and Man, on the 2nd Day of june 1822 in the Ninety Ninth years. of his Age. Also Sarah his second Wife who died 24th of February 1798 Aged 67. (On the stone). To every Virtue self inclin'd Lies here in Dust depriv'd of Life A well beloved and loving Wife Behind, her Husband, bath’d in Tears Must mourn thro' Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Illegible).