North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Sayer


Sayer Brough

(S). Erected in Memory of Robert Cleasbyof Palliad, Stainmore, who died August 2nd 1840 aged 80 years. Also of Henry Sayer of Dumna Craig, Stainmore, who died September 8th 1840 aged 62 years. Also of Barbery (sic) his Wife and daughter of Robert Cleasby who died February 12th 1855 aged 69 years.

Sayer Kirkby Stephen

George Sayer died May 28th 1804 aged 73, Phillis, wife of George Sayer died November lst. 1809 aged 74, also John Sayer who died May 26th 1858 aged 83 years. George Sayer died October 15, 1825 aged 19.