North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Hobson


Hobson Beetham

(S). I. H. S. In Memory of John Hobson of Hale, died May 29th 1859 aged 56 years. Agnes his wife died July 17th 1851 aged 32 years. Agnes Bradley their daughter died April 25th 1851 aged 11 m., Martha their daughter died February 1st 1865 aged 21 years. John Hobson their son died April 21st 1872 aged 25 years. , and Henry Bradley their son who died April 7th 1879 aged 28 years. and was interred at Salford Cemetery.

Hobson Brough

(W). In Memory of James the beloved son of Arthur and Mary Hobson who died at Liverpool January 7th 1884 Aged 24 years. , his end was peace. "In the midst of life we are in death."

Hobson Brough

(S). Erected in Memory of Thomas Hodgson of Market Brough who died October 9th 1805 Aged 78. Also Thomas Hodgson Hobson who died March 2nd 1806 aged 8 m. Also Frances Hobson. daughter of Thomas and Jane Hodgson & wife of John Hobson who died July 15th 1810 aged 34. Also Jane Hodgson wife of Thomas Hodgson who died June 20th. 1812 aged 81. Also John Hobson who died March 20th 1832 aged 59. Also Mary Elizabeth Hobson daughter of Thomas Hodgson ,Hobson and Dorothy Ann Hobson who died February 27th 1838 Aged 1 years. Margaret Maria daughter of Thomas Hodgson and Dorothy Ann Hobson of Brough died September 2nd 1848 aged 4 m. And of Joseph Atkinson Hobson son of the above named Thomas Hodgson & Dorothy Ann Hobson died January 26th 1855 aged 14 years.

Hobson Lowther

Here lieth the body of Anthony Hobson of Whale who departed this life April 21 in the years. of our Lord 1778 in the 70th years. of his age.