North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Holmes


Holmes Grasmere

(N). To the memory of Hannah Holmes, who died at Rydal Hall June 5th 1859 aged 57 years.

Holmes Kendal

(W.) In memory of Christopher Holmes who died February 23rd 1826 Aged 64.

Holmes Kendal

(Under coal opening near porch). Edward Holmes late of (H)ighgate Who died L. September 21, 1720 and of his age . . . Here also Lyeth ye Body of Margaret his Wife who departed this life ye . . Ap. 1721 in ye . . . of her Age. She was his Wife 54 y (Mr. Jennings). (Edward Holme of Stramongate buried 23 September 1720. After entries to 30 Mar. 1721 comes, without date. " . . .Holme of Stramongate, widow." (per Mr. Rushforth).

Holmes Kirkby Lonsdale

(E). Sacred memory of Margaret Bailiff of Beck foot who departed this life the 26th Day January 1819 aged 76 years. Hear (sic) Also lies (sic) the Remains of Thomas Holmes of Beck foot who departed life the 2 March 1819 Aged 84 years. Reader who gaiseth (sic) on this Letred (sic) Stone, on this important truth thou mayest rely, To this doth Death and judgment may be nigh, O Let this Solomn (sic) Thoughts who evr,(sic) thou art find place within and Regulate thy hart. (sic) Kirkby Lonsdale. 79

Holmes Kirkby Lonsdale

(E). Sacred memory of William Richardson of Beck Foot, Barbon, who departed this life February 7th 1848 aged 63 years. Go hence, dear wife, and do not troubled be, Since Death has parted you and me. Grieve not for me, nor trouble take, But love my Friends for my sake. Also of Elizabeth Richardson, widow of the above who departed this life March 10th 1857 aged 79 years. Likewise Alice Holmes of Beck Foot who departed this life March 29th 1860 Aged 83 years.

Holmes Lowther

Erected in m. William Thompson of Hackthorpe who died July 12th 1801 aged 75 years. Also Hannah his wife who died June 30th 1826 aged 90 years. Also of Mary Young, daughter of the above William & Hannah Thompson who died at Whale December 22nd 1837 aged 79 years. (Other side, brass). Here lieth the Body of John Holmes only son of William & Mary Holmes of Hackthrop (sic) who died the 2nd of May 1773 aged 24 years.