North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Farrer


Farrer Kirkby Thore

(S.W). In. m. Hannah Dickenson, wife of John Shields of Kirkby Thore B. November 23rd 1819 died December 28th 1873. Also of John Shields B. January 24th 1819: died February 20th 1880. Also of John Shields Farrer their Grandson B. April 3rd 1864: died July 7th 1869.

Farrer Orton

Mourn not my friends for our decease, We hope with Christ we have made our peace. Our bodys lies (sic) beneath the sod, Hate evil ye that love the Lord. In memory of Thomas Farrer of Orton, Yeoman, who died on the 24th Day of January 1833 aged 74 years. Also of Elizabeth, wife of the said Thomas Farrer who died on the 19th Day of February 1792 aged 33 years. James Farrer their Grandchild died April 24th 1830 aged 3 m.

Farrer Orton

(S. altar tomb). Under this stone lieth the remains of Doctor William Farrer of Redgill whom long experience had rendered eminent in his profession and who was an instance that Knowledge in the ways of death doth not exempt from its approches (sic). Reader in this thy day Live well that thou mayest have hop (sic) of a joyful resurrection. He died July 31, 1756 Aged 75. Also near this place lieth the Body of Elizabeth his Wife who died May 10, 1751 aged 82.

Farrer Shap

(S. brass on stone). Here lieth the body of James Farrer, son of James & Betty Farrer who departed this life 23 July 1789 Aged 22 years. Short was my reign, long time may be my rest, The Lord took me from you when he thought best. Weep not dear Parents, but still be Content, I was to you but for a short time Lent, So who on Earth would here desire to stay, Since I from you soon was Call'd away.