North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Warcop


Warcop Kirkby Stephen

(Over entrance to belfry). Arms on 5 shields, (over arch). i Chequy, fess (Clifford); (dexter) ii. fess between 6 crosses (Beauchamp) impaling 6 annulets 3, 2, I, a crescent for difference (Musgrave), iii. Musgrave (without crescent) impaling cross flory (Ward); (sinister) iv. maunch (Wharton) impaling lion rampant (Stapleton). v. on fess 3 cushions (Warcop of Smardale).* * See Reverend F. J. Hodgson's learned article; Cumbd. & Westmd. Antiq. & Arch. Soc .Trans. p. i vol. iv, pp. 230-2, with illustrations of the above, & also Hill MSS. vii, 183. Hill observes on the above heraldry :–"Evidently the arms of the benefactors at the rebuilding of the steeple." The Beauchamp and Warcop coats, however, he (or Machell) labels Layton of Sexhowe in Cleveland, and Hutton respectively; and (it is considered,) erroneously.

Warcop Kirkby Thore

(N. aisle E). Arms, a fess between 3 covered jugs with handles (? covered cups for Warcop. There was a rector here of that name).

Warcop Lowther

(in. N. Transept, brass). Magistratus indicat virum. Henry Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Westmoreland & Cumberland, Colonel of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, Hon: Colonel of the Royal Cumberland Militia, Hon: Colonel of the Cumberland Volunteers, late Captain in the 1st Life Guards. Rep. Westmoreland in Parliament 25 years. B. Mar: xxvii A.D. mdcccxviiiD. Aug: xv A.D. mdccclxxvi. To whose beloved memory, the best of husbands and fathers and the most upright of gentlemen, this monument is erected by his wife. The memory of the just is blessed. (This is on either side of a full length figure, full face, in uniform of the 1st Life Guards, holding the helmet in the right hand; being a portrait of Henry Lord Lonsdale. Mr. Grump). Two shields of Arms (above), 1. or. 6 annulets 3, 2, I, sa. (Lowther) (with ulster badge). 2. Lowther impaling barry of 10 ar. & gu. on canton of 2nd lion passant guardant or (Caulfeild). Also 2 medallions each containing 5 small shields. On 1st medallion are I. Lowther (with ulster badge); II. Sa. 3 escallops within bordure engrailed ar. (Strickland); III. Gu. 3 lucies hauriant or (Lucy); IV. Ar. lion rampant sa. (Stapleton); V. Erm. on canton az. cross calvary or, (Quaile). On 2nd medallion, I. Sa.3 covered cups ar. (Warcop); II. Sa. 3 martlets volant ar. (Coll. Arms C. 39, 15 born ); III. Ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of 2nd, mullet of the field (Lancaster of Sockbridge); IV. Ar.3 bugle horns sa. (Bellingham); V. Ar. chevron gu. between 3 torteaux (Sherard).

Warcop Warcop

(Burton Hall pew). H. W. 1633 (i.e., Hugh Warcop of Sandford. Parish Register 1611, or Humphrey Wharton of Warcop. Parish Register 1634). Hill MSS., 7, 447.