North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Lawrence


Lawrence Windermere

In. E. chancel window, 7 lights. Subjects: centre, the Crucifixion : & 5 larger figures & one group, i.e., on dexter, the Blessed Virgin, St. George & Dragon, & St. Barbara with tower; on sinister, St. John the Evangelist, St. Catherine with sword and wheel, & 2, Archbishops, & St. Stephen with stone, and St. Lawrence with gridiron. Above transom; the Resurrection, the Blessed Virgin and Holy Infant Entry into Jerusalem, &c. Above, 6 smaller groups. Smaller groups (counting from dexter). I. Augustinian or Black Canon with rosary, &c., kneeling beneath legend, thereon John Plo, P'or of Kerkmel. II. Knight and lady kneeling, Arms (on his surcoat and her mantle,) erm. fretty gu. (Thornburgh) and (on her kirtle) ar. 2 bars and on canton gu. cross of field (Broughton) beneath legend Willm Thornboro and hys Wyff. III. 8 Black Canons, and on labels issuing from mouths W. Hartley, Thomas Hogson, Willym Bareaye, Willm Purfoot, Roger Thwaites, George Fis(her ?). IV. Knight and lady &c., arms (as before) or, 5 fusils conjoined in fess az. (Pennington) and 41y ar. (shd. be or) and gu. on bend sa. 3 escallops of 1st (Eure) beneath legend Pennyghton and hys Wyff. V. Knight and lady, &c.,arms, ar. 2 bars and on canton gu. cross moline or. (Kirkby) and barry of 8 ar . and gu. beneath legend . . . Kirk by . . . VI. Knight and lady, &c., arms, ar. on bend sa.4 spades of field (Swetenham) and ar. on chevron az. 8 plates each with cross sa. beneath legend . . . milady hys. . . . † Arms (in lights above transom). I. ar. cross wavy gu. (for Lawrence) ; II. ar. on bend sa. 3 plates, thereon cross gu. (for Urswick); III sa. fretty, label of 3 points ar. (Harrington) ; IV. gu. fretty ar. label of 5 points az. (for Huddleston) impaling ar. fleur-de-lis gu. (for Levenshulme) ; V. sa. fretty ar. (Harrington) ; VI. ar. 2 bars, on canton gu. (maunch) or (for Bardsey) impaling gu. 6 lioncels rampant ar. 3, 2, I, (Leyborne) ; VII. gu. fretty ar. (Huddleston); VIII. 41y, I & 4 barry of 6 ar. & az. in chief 3 torteaux (Grey), 2 & 3, 4ly I & 4 gu. maunch or (for Hastings) 2 & 3 barry of 6 ar. & az. (Valens). IX. 41y I & 4 barry of 6 ar. & az. (for Grey), 2 & 3 blank X, ar saltire engrailed sa. thereon mullet of field (Middleton) ; XI 4ly I & 4 ar. 2 bars, in chief 3 etoiles gu. (Lowick) 2 & 3 ar. cross wavy gu (for Lawrence) ; XII. 41y I & 4 sa. 3 1ions rampant ar. (Talbot) 2 & 3 sa. fretty ar. label of 3 points gu. (Harrington) ; XIII. gu. 3 (bull’s) heads caboshed ar. (for Boyvill of Milium) ; XIV. gu. fretty ar. label of 5 points vert (for Huddleston) ; XV. per pale or & vert lion rampant gu. (Mareschal & Cartmel Priory) ; XVI. gu. 3 cushions erm. tasselled or, pomme in centre for diff. (Redman) ; XVII. same as XV1.