North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Potter


Potter Kirkby Stephen

Here lie the remains of Fanny daughter of Samuel and Frances Potter of Winton who departed this life the 7th February 1818 aged – mos. also the remains of John Potter their son who died the 6th March 1819 aged 10 weeks. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." Sacred memory of Samuel Potter late of Doward House, Herefordshire, father of the above who during a temporary absence from his Wife & Children & to their inexpressable (sic) grief, was seized with a fatal illness at Appleby Castle where he departed this life the 14th Augt. 1820 in his 42nd years. The enlargement of his heart endeared him to his family and a large circle of friends & the urbanity of his manners made him universally respected in this neighbourhood. "As for man his days are as grass, as a flower of the field so he flourisheth."

Potter Lowther

(S. wall). Heare Iyeth the Body of Richard George Potter, Son of William and Mary Potter, he was sent from London to his Grandmother in the 5 years. of his Age & dyed in ye 7. March ye 26, 1754.

Potter Orton

(E). Jane Potter aged 1 years. A.D. 1837.

Potter Orton

(S). In memory of John and Elizabeth Potter of Ovorcluegill in this Parish and their Children. John their Son who died April 22nd 1811 aged 12 years. Also Mary their daughter who died May 12th 1811 aged 5 years. Also John the Father who died November . 13, 1815 aged 54 years. Also Emma their daughter who died February 5th 1833 aged 30 years. Also Elizabeth the Mother who died March 16th 1841 aged 67 years.

Potter Orton

(S). In affectionate remembrance of John Potter of Bretherdale who died September 28th 1870 aged 72. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died July 16th 1876 aged 76. Also of Thomas his son who died May 16th 1850 aged 26 and of George his son who died June 28th 1868 aged 39.

Potter Orton

(E). i.h..s. In affectionate remembrance of Mary the beloved wife of George Potter of Oddendale who died 22nd April 1877 aged 64 years. Also the above-named George Potter who died 5th September . 1878 aged 70 years.

Potter Orton

(E). Sacred memory of Thomas Potter of Bretherdale, Yeoman, who died August 21st 1838 in the 81st years. of his age. Also Hannah his wife who died March 28th 1838 in the 80 years. of her age. Also of William their Son who died on February 27th 1836 aged 41. Also of James their Son who died Oct. 3rd 1838 aged 46. Also Thomas their Grandson, Son of James and Agnes Potter who died February 22nd 1827 aged 15 years.

Potter Orton

(E). Verily there is a reward for the righteous. Here are interred the remains of William Potter of Bretherdale who died on the 27th of February 1836 aged 41. Also of Margaret his wife who died on November 6th 1849 aged 66. Also of Frances their daughter who died February 21st 1843 aged 20. Their surviving son Thomas Potter erected this stone to their memory A.D. 1859. Also of Agnes wife of Thomas Potter who died April 20th 1865 aged 40.

Potter Orton

(E). Sacred memory of William Potter of Tebay who died April 28th 1851 aged 38.

Potter Ravenstonedale

(S). In affectionate remembrance of Isabella the beloved Wife of William Potter of Ravenstonedale who died June 20th 1885 aged 70 years. Also William their son who died March 3rd 1855 aged 8 years. Also Ellen theirda. who died July 11th 1867 aged 26 years.

Potter Warcop

(S). Here lies ye body of Jane Potter the wife of Chr. Potter who died 8 of July Anno Dom. 1730 Ætatis suæ 29. Grieve not for me my glass is run, Tis ye Lord his will be don, Repent in time, no time delay, For in my prime death di' me slay, You that go by & this do see, Look you prepare to follow me.