North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Legh


Legh Beetham

(In. W. old glass, mutilated) Crest of Legh (ram's head). Arms,41y of 7; I. cross engr. (Legh); 2, plain cross (Hill MSS. p. 296 add here fleur de lis in dexter chief to Mr. Norcliffe's note of both these coats, neither of which were noted by Mr. Bellasis as extant in 1886). 3. ar. mullet of 5 points or (Hill, but ? for sa.) (Assheton) ; 4. ar. chevron betw. 3 cross cross lets or ( ? Wrightington i.e., with field once sa. E.B. noted 3 & 4 in reverse order) ; 5, lozengy or & sa. (Croft, C. B. N. or Blund) ; 6, chevron betw.3 covered cups :(Butler of Bewsey C.B.N. E.B. noted 4 & 5 in reverse order & cups only. & so took No. 6 for Warcop) ; 7 cross flory (Hill & E.B. & ? for Banister or Atton of Westmorland. Philpot's Ordinary p. 334 Coll. Arms C.B.N. notes Molyneux and so a cross moline.