North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Gandy


Gandy Beetham

(E cross). In affectionate remembrance of Ellen, the wife of James Lister who died on Whit Sunday June 9th 1878, aged 65 years. , a much valued servant for many years in the family of the late James Gandy Esqr, by whom this memorial was erected. " Be faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life."

Gandy Heversham

(In. N. aisle W. window). The soul of the child came unto.him again. Of such is the Kingdom of God. To the Glory of God and in affectionate memory of her parents James and Annis Gandy of Heaves. Jane Gandy 1881.

Gandy Kendal

(In. clerestory window S). Erected by Gerard Gandy in m. his brother John Gandy, Ensign, St. Helena Regiment, who died in St Helena February 1849. (My. Rushforth).

Gandy Kendal

(E. 3 stones, rail). [I.] In memory of Thomas Gandy who died June 22nd 1801 aged 66 years. , also of Jane his wife who died March 13th 1775 aged 42 years. , also of Elizabeth his second wife, who died January 2nd 1799 aged 55y. also of Thomas, son of Thomas and Jane Gandy, who died February lst 1850 aged 83 years. [2.] In m. Henry Gandy, fourth son of John and Magdalen Agnes Gandy, born January 20, 1827, died February 13, 1833, also of William Gandy, fifth son of ,the above, b. September 14 1830, died September 22, 1830 and also of Mary Salisbury Gandy, eldest da. of Gerard and Elizabeth Ann Gandy, born July 31, 1850 died September 14, 1850. [2.] In memory of James Gandy who died February 7th 1837 aged 77 y, also of Jane his wife who died July 24th 1790 aged 31 years. , also of Ann his second wife who died October 18th 1834 aged 71y.

Gandy Kendal

(In. W. window). Memorial to James Gandy, an only Son, who died at Heaves Lodge December 26, 1842 aged 21 years. Erected by his Parents.