North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Dilworth


Dilworth Lowther

Here lie interr'd the remains of Robert Yarker of Lowther Park and Sarah his Wife. He died March 1st 1799 aged 70 years. and she departed this life March 3 1801 aged 72 and as they lived a series of years in a state of conjugal happiness, they died lamented by their Relatives and esteemed universally by their Neighbours and Acquaintances. Also near this place lie the Bodies of their grand-children Laburn & Robert Yarker, sons of Henry & Elizabeth Yarker of Lowther-park. Laburn died May 19, 1797 Aged one m. and Robert departed this life April 10, 1798 Aged 6 years. Also Ann Dilworth the daughter of the abovenamed Robert and Sarah Yarker who departed this life at Park House on the 30th day of August 1804 aged 39 years. Elizabeth the wife of Henry Yarker of Park House who died 17th of September 1808 aged 44 years.