North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Smyth


Smyth Beetham

(In. brass on column S). Juxta hanc Columnam Jacent Reliquiae Viri admodum pii ac reverendendi Jacobi Smyth, Hujus Ecclesiae 43 Annos Vicarii, .Qui vitae jam actae Recordatione laetus, Et futurae Spei plenus, Animam Deo reddidit, Die 14 Maiae Ano. Dom. 1753 Aetat. 69. In vita Labor & Periculum. In moriendo Pax & resurgendi Securitas. Elizabetha,Uxor ejus Ob. November 1771 Æt. 85.

Smyth Beetham

(In. S. chancel). In memory of John Smith who was thirty-six years. a faithful Steward at Dallam Tower and died March 24, 1805 aged 88.

Smyth Heversham

(In. chancel N). Sacred memory of James Smyth A.M. vicar of Heversham, Who died January 27, 1757 aged 50: and of Mary Smyth his widow, Who died July 14, 1791 aged 71, also to the memory of Henry Wilson A.M., vicar of Heversham who died April 12, 1797 aged 77. and of Henry Wilson A.M. his son, scholar of Queen's College Oxford, who died July 23, 1795 aged 20.