North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Standish


Standish Beetham

(In. old glass W). Arms. 1 cross between 4 (2 visible) dishes 0. impaling S. 3 dishes A. (Standish).

Standish Kendal

(Stricklandchapel, E). Sacred memory of Charles Strickland of Sizergh, who died at Sizergh, October 6th 1770 aged 36y. and of Jarrad Strickland of Kenda1 who d. March 23rd 1795 and of Cæcilia, daughter of William Towneley of Towneley, wife of the above Charles Strickland, and afterwards of Jarrard Strickland, she d. at Sizergh June 28th 1814 aged 73 years. & of Thomas Strickland Standish, son of the above Charles and Cæcilia, Who died at York December 4th 1813, and is buried in Standish Church. Requiescant in pace, in memoriam veneratam parentum communium Thomas atque Jarrarardus Strickland Posuerunt A.D. 1829.