North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Stanley


Stanley Beetham

(Window S). Arms. 41y. 1St & 4th 41y I & 4. Ar. on bend 3 buck's heads cabossed (Stanley), per fess wavy az. & or, (meant tor Bromley heiress 41y per fess indented ~u. and or ? but it cannot go correct with Warren heiress ?). 3 chequy or & az. (Warren) ; 2nd & 3rd gu. 3 legs in armour conjoined (Man). There is also sun?in splendour (? Richmond), and cross of 5 bezants in fess point or.* * In Hill MSS 11.296, .4ly I &4 Stanley, 3 Man,2 chequy are noted, and also as being in E. window S. aisle, Tunstall (3 combs)the chief indented, and a fret ar . Mr. Norcliffe notes Stanley &c. to an altar tomb.

Stanley Grasmere

(E). In loving memory William Stanley of Fleetwood, who died on the 7th January 1876 aged 32 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Stanley Kendal

(N.W). sacred memory of John Stanley, son of John Stanley, Carpenter, and Elizabeth his wife, who departed this life Augt. 17th 1830 Aged 22. The remains of this highly respected and much lamented young man are deposited by the side of seven other brothers and sisters Who were all cut off before they arrived at the years of maturity.