North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Man


Man Beetham

(Window S). Arms. 41y. 1St & 4th 41y I & 4. Ar. on bend 3 buck's heads cabossed (Stanley), per fess wavy az. & or, (meant tor Bromley heiress 41y per fess indented ~u. and or ? but it cannot go correct with Warren heiress ?). 3 chequy or & az. (Warren) ; 2nd & 3rd gu. 3 legs in armour conjoined (Man). There is also sun?in splendour (? Richmond), and cross of 5 bezants in fess point or.* * In Hill MSS 11.296, .4ly I &4 Stanley, 3 Man,2 chequy are noted, and also as being in E. window S. aisle, Tunstall (3 combs)the chief indented, and a fret ar . Mr. Norcliffe notes Stanley &c. to an altar tomb.