North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Kirkby


Kirkby Burton In Kendal

(S). Sacred memory of John Kirkby of Burton, Cordwainer Who died March 30th 1837 Aged 30 years. Here lies a Husband, to a Wife sincere, A tender Father, to his Children dear, By cruel Death torn from them in his bloom, Haste and prepare thee for the Silent Tomb. Also of Sarah Ann daughter of the above, who died December . 28th 1835 Aged 3 years. , also of Sarah Kirkby, widow of the above Who died Nove. 18th 1870 aged 67 years. , also of William J. S. N. Kirkby grandson of the above who died March 2nd 1879 aged 22 years.

Kirkby Grasmere

(Oblong glass E. window with Arms of Fleming impaling Kirkby, also other coats,A.D. 1777. N. and B. p. 164). Deo trino et uni Sacrum, Secundum Christi Redemptoris Adventum hoc templo expectat Gulielmus Fleming Armiger, Qui pie in ChriEto expiravit Conistoniae et quicquid mortale habuit hic deposuit 25° Mai. Anno Epochre Christianæ mdcliii.

Kirkby Grasmere

(N. card and glass). In affectionate remembrance of George Kirkby, the beloved son of William & Isabella Kirkby of Liverpool, who died at the house of James Fleming, Knothouse, Grasmere, on April 15th, 1885 Aged 9 years. and 8 Memory of and was interred at St. Oswald's Church, Grasmere, April 18th.

Kirkby Kendal

(N. W). In memory of Isaac Kirkby, Plumber and Glazier, who died October 3, 1822 aged 52. Also Eleanor his daughter died January 6, 1810 aged 3. Also Mary who died May 1st 1819 aged 22.