North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Smith


Smith Appleby St Lawrence

(S. W). March the 11th A.D. 1803, died John Smith of Co1by, Gent. aged 77 years. Also of Mary his wife who died September . 27th, 1817, aged 90 years.

Smith Appleby St Lawrence

(E). To the memory of Robert Smith of Appleby Who died July Ist 1825, aged 85, also of Ann his wife Who died April 20th, 18. . . .aged. . .

Smith Appleby St Lawrence

(E). In. m. William Smith of Appleby who died October 24th 1879, aged 64 years.

Smith Askham

(W). Sacred memory of George Dockeray, who died October 4th 1779 aged 94 years. Also to M. Wade Smith who died March 24th 1820 aged 84 years. Likewise Elizabeth his wife, & daughter of the above George Dockeray, who died December 4th 1825 aged 90 years.

Smith Beetham

(S. altar tomb). Nigh this place lie the remains of John Tomlinson of Haslack, born 1596, died May 2nd 1678. Elizabeth his wife died February 7th 1670. Thomas Tomlinson their son born 1618, died May 27th 1718, Jane, wife of Thomas Tomlinson and daughter of Robt. Dickinson of Whasset died January 27th 1691. John son of Thomas and Jane Tomlinson died January 22nd 1691. Ellen his wife and daughter of William Smith of Arkholme died January 22nd 1691.

Smith Beetham

(Chancel S). Here is interred the body of Sarah, eldest daughter & heiress of Daniel Wilson Esqr. and Wife of George Wilson Esqr. of Dallam Tower, born July 26th 1782, she died , alas, May 29th 1831 in the 49th years. of her age, leaving a large surviving family, her encouraging example by patient continuance in well doing, to seek for Glory, Immortality, and Eternal life. " The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit is in the sight of God of great price." 1 Peter chap. 3. In the adjoining vault are laid the remains of Frances Wilson, youngest daughter of the above who died December 30th 1842 in the 23rd years. of her age." " I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." here also lie the remains of George Wilson Esqr. husband of the above Sarah Wilson, son of the Rt. Honl. John and Lady Georgiana Smyth of Heath in the county of York, formerly Colonel in the Coldstream Guards, born November 6th 1782, died March 8th 1853. " Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out." Arms. Ar. 3 wolves' heads couped sa. vulned ppr. & (for distinction) canton az. {Wilson né Smyth), over all an inescutcheon, 41y. 1 & 4 Ar. 3 wolves' heads couped sa. vulned ppr. (Wilson) 2, az. unicorn passant Ar. {Crowle but query heirship marshalling & coat) ) ; 3. Gu. fret Ar. {Fleming). Crest of Wilson, crescent Ar. fire issuing ppr., cross crosslet {for distinction.)

Smith Brough

(N). Here lies the Body of Tho . . . Smith of Ai(sgill ?)ad who . . . ch . . end . . . .

Smith Crosby Garrett

(N). In memory of Benjamin Colborne infant Son of Isaac & Henrietta Smith died February 6th 1866. “ Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God." Mark X.14.

Smith Dufton

(S). Sacred memory of Nanny, daughter of John & Ann Smith, who died January 22nd 1835 aged 22 y., also the said john Smith who died August 13, 1859 aged 75 years. , also Elizabeth their daughter who died January 14th 1866 aged 56y., also the said Ann Smith who died September 11th 1870 aged 86 years.

Smith Grasmere

(N. with stone edging). In loving remembrance Wordsworth Smith, formerly Lieut. of H.M. 39th Regt. He died at Rydal 24th December 1880 aged 63. "Then are they glad because they are at rest and so He bringeth them into the haven where they would be." Ps. cvii. 30.

Smith Heversham

(N). In remembrance of John Smith of Haverflats, who died June 30th, 1867 aged 71 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died June 16th, 1878, aged 73 years.

Smith Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). Sacred memory of Agnes the beloved wife of Stephen Spencer Smith, painter, of this town, who died May 15th, 1861 aged 71 years. also Stephen Spencer Smith, husband of the above who died September 27th, 1867 in the 79th years. of his age.

Smith Kirkby Lonsdale

(N.E). I.H.S. In memory of a young man known by the name of John Smith, supposed to be a native of Italy, who was drowned in the river Lune Augst. 28th 1869 aged 19 years. This stone was erected by his fellow workmen as a token of their respect. Be ye also ready. Matt. 24, 44.

Smith Kirkby Thore

(S. W). In memory of Margaret the beloved wife of William Smith -of Kirkby Thore who died November 7th 1866 aged 53 years. (Space.) Also their John their son who died July 28th 1866 aged 28 years. Also of Annie their daughter the beloved wife of James Rennison who died August 18th 1876 aged 35 years.

Smith Lowther

Erected to the memory of Elizabeth Smith By her Disconsolate & Affectionate Son John Smith of the Royal Navy. (On brass.) Here lies interred (In hopes of a Blessed Resurrection) Elizabeth Smith the truly Loving and as truly Beloved Wife of Alexander Smith of Lowther. The Almighty whom alone she feared & w hose gracious Protection she had often experienced, Was pleased to remove her (Suddenly) from this Life (It is hop'd) To an Eternity of Happiness. She died 28th October 1791 Aged 45. (Other side.) E. S. 28th October 1791.