North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Webster


Webster Appleby St Lawrence

(N. aisle). Here lieth the body of Mr. John Webster & four of his children which he had by his second wife Mrs. Margaret Ward, daughter of Mr. Thomas Ward late of Rigmaden Hall in the parish of Kirkby Lonsdale, he died I. in the 83d years. of his age & in ye years. of our Lord 1714.

Webster Beetham

(E). Sacred memory of Mary, wife of Alexander Webster of Beetham Hall who died September 9th 1866 aged 47 years. Also of the above Alexander Webster who died July 7th 1869, aged 53 years. Also of Alexander, Son of the above Mary and Alexander Webster who died at Low Foulshaw November . l0th 1874 Aged 32Y.

Webster Heversham

(E). I. H. S. In loving memory Thomas Nelson of Low Rowell, who died June l0th 1884, aged 54 years. , also of Alexander, son of Robert and Rachel Webster, and nephew of the above who died at Low Rowell November 13th, 1884 aged 24 years. " To me live is Christ, and to die is gain."

Webster Heversham

(N). In memory of Alexander Webster of Foulshaw who died on the 18 day of August 1838 Aged 55 years. Also of John his son who died October 27th 1822 Aged 4 years. Also of Margaret his Wife who died March 16th, 1866 Aged 73.

Webster Heversham

(N). In memory of Susanna Wife of Robert Webster died April 16th 1858 Aged 27 years. Also of Rachel his Wife who died October 11th, 1865 Aged 33 years.

Webster Heversham

(E. altar tomb). In memory of William Webster, Yeoman, of High Barrow's Green, who departed this life January l0th 1851 in the ninety second years. of his age. To Me 't was given to die: to Thee 't is giv'n To live: Alas! one Moment sets us ev'n, Mark! how impartial is the Will of Heav'n. Also of Mary Webster, wife of the above, who died on the 18th November 1850 in the eighty second years. of her age, also of William Webster of Kendal, Grandson of the above who died 16th April, 1865, aged 35 years.

Webster Kendal

(W. altar tomb, rail). Francis Webster, late of this town, architect and one of the aldermen of the burgh, born May 1st 1767, died at Eller How, in Cartmel, October l0th 1827.

Webster Kendal

(N. altar tomb). In memory of James Webster late of Kendal who died at High House, Natland, October lst 1837 aged 73 years. and of Agnes his wife, who died at Kirfitt Hall, Casterton, December 13th 1800, aged 38 years. , also of Jane their da. who died April 20th 1833 aged 36 y and of Eleanor second wife of James Webster, who died at High House, Natland, November 19th 1834 aged 81 years. , also of Elizabeth, daughter of James and Agnes Webster and wife of William Longmire who died 8th August 1851 aged 57 years. , also of Elizabeth Williamina their daughter who died l0th June 1839, aged 10 m.

Webster Kendal

(In. N. clerestory window). In memory of William Webster who died January 10 1851, and Mary Webster who died November 18th 1850. (Shield with monogram) T.W.

Webster Kirkby Lonsdale

(In. S). Sacred memory of Janet da, of George Slater of Spital, Yeoman, and wife of Francis Webster of Kendal, Architect, she died August 26th 1805 aged 34 years. , also of Jane Webster, their daughter who died July 2nd 1815 aged 16 years. (On urn), J.W.

Webster Lowther

(Skull at top). Here lieth the Body of James Webster of Hackthorpe who departed this life December the 15 Anno Domini 1694 in ye 33 years. of his Age. Memento mori.