North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Campbell


Campbell Burton In Kendal

( W. wall of ch. yd). Juxta Hanc parietem conduntur cineres Alex. Campbell, Qui ex styrpe antiqua Scotica de Glenlyon ortus, apud Poole in Com. Dorsett Per annos l medicinam exercuit Et huc forte migratus mortem obiit 20, September a died mdcccix Æt. lxxxii. P. 0. P. P.

Campbell Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Thomas Campbell (late of Winton) who died December 12th 1825 aged 69 years. also of Mary his wife wife who died March 9th 1828 aged 64 years.

Campbell Lowther

In memory of Robert Campbell, Stone Mason who-d. 3rd February 1861 aged 73 years. Also of Robert Martin Campbell, Stone-mason, his son, who died 20th August 1859 aged 34 years. Also of Agnes Campbell his daughter who died 20th May 1840 aged 8 years. Also Mary wife of the above who died March 21st 1869 aged 82 years.

Campbell Warcop

(S.) † In memory of John Campbell late of Warcop Tower who died April 15th 1844 aged 55 years. Also James Campbell who died August 24th 1854 aged 47 years. Also Thomas Campbell of Warcop Tower who died April 14th 1858 aged 64Y. George Campbell died January 16th 1860 aged 60 years. Henry Campbell died February 26th 1861 aged 64 years. Also of their only surviving sister Mary Winter, relict of Isaac Winter, who died 13th June 1871 aged 67 years. Also of Robert Campbell of Battlebarrow Appleby who died August 11th 1873 aged 65 [?] years.