North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Clough


Clough Burton In Kendal

(W. altar tomb). In Memory of Thomas Clough who died the 22d of February 1823 aged 67 Y. respected and regretted by his numerous Friends and most by his affectionate Widow, also of Betty his wife who died February 21st 1864 aged 90 years. The Remains of his Parents Nicholas and Ann Clough are Also here interred.

Clough Grasmere

(E). In memory of Anne Clough, A Native of Pontefract, Yorkshire, And the Widow of James Butler Clough of Liverpool. She died at Eller How, Ambleside, On the 12th of June 1860, Aged 65 years. Through many a scene of weal and woe, Her changeful life was passed, But ever did her heart o'erflow, With love e'en to the last ! She poured it on a chosen few Who now can but deplore The fond affection they have lost, And know on earth no more. But trustfully and yearningly They look to heaven above, Ah ! .lives not there, now free from care Their lost one's faithful love? "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return to God who gave it." (Flat stone). In memory of Arthur Hugh Clough sometime Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, the beloved son of James Butler and Anne Clough, This remembrance in his own country is placed on his Mother's grave by those to whom life was made happy by his presence and his love. He is buried in the Swiss Cemetery at Florence, where he died November . 13th 1861, aged 42. Now, dearest, that thy brows are cold. We see thee what thou art, and know Thy likeness to the wise below, Thy kindred with the great of old.