North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Fergus


Fergus Burton In Kendal

(W. flat stone). Sacred memory of Alexander Fergus who died September the 5th 1834 Aged 67 years. Also of Margaret His daughter , the Wife of James Har rison who died September the 5th 1837, Aged 31 years. Also of Christina, Wife of the above Alexander Fergus who died January the 30th 1844 Aged 74 years. , also of the above named James Harrison who died October 16th 1866 Aged 62 years. also of the children of the above named James and Mary Harrison, Mary their daughter died an Infant February the 5th 1835. Christina their daughter died September the 19th 1837 Aged 2 years. William their Son died February the 13th 1860 Aged 27 years.