North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Lancaster


Lancaster Askham

(E). I. H. S. In Memory of William Lancaster who died November . 27th 1874 aged 62 years. Also Deborah his wife who died August 19th 1875 aged 76 years.

Lancaster Barton

ARUNDEL, PERCY, LUCY, DACRE, LOWTHER, LANCASTER, STRICKLAND, THRELKELD, MACHELL, MORESBY ORPHEUR, CRACKENTHORPE. (Over the communion table were 5 rows of shields, 7 in a row,) Arms &c. now disappeared. (N. & B.I. 405.)

Lancaster Barton

(Cross with shield, Lancaster arms on dexter; sword to sinister) R.N.L.M.-n. ..y mercy + Crist . . . æ . . . eli. . .T. . . .

Lancaster Barton

(At either end of arch betw : chancel & ~Winder chapel. Arms, 2 bars, on canton mullet (Lancaster) ditto in recess of W. window, & opposite to it in similar shield a monogram L. A.)

Lancaster Barton

(S). Sacred memory of Samuel Lancaster of _New House who departed this life on the 15th day of March 1797 aged 72 years. Also of Eleanor the wife of Samuel Lancaster who died on the 23rd day of May 1811 aged 84 years. Samuel Lancaster infant son of the above Samuel and Eleanor died Oct. 7th 1758. The Reverend Thomas Lancaster their son died September . 19th 1786 aged 27 years. and was interred at Fulham in the County of Middlesex. John Lancaster their son died July 29th 1803 aged 48 years. Samuel Lancaster of Beulah House their son died May 6th 1813 aged 50 years. Henry John son of David and Eleanor Ann Hannah Laidman of Beulah House and grandson of the above Samuel and Mary Lancaster died at Beulah House March 20th 1855 aged 55 years. & 5 m. Emma Margaret daughter of the above David and Eleanor Ann Hannah Laidman died at Beulah House April 2nd 1855 aged 10 years. & 10 m. The above David Laidman died at Beulah House June 12th 1862 aged 53 years. Mary Eleanor daughter of the above David and Eleanor Ann Hannah Laidman died at Beulah House January 2nd 1863 aged 20 years. In affectionate remembrance of Eleanor Ann Hannah relict of David Laidman, formerly of Beulah House, Barton, who died at Penrith Augt. 2nd 1879 aged 65 y:

Lancaster Barton

(In. S. W. tower arch, brass on marble.) To the memory of Samuel Lancaster of Beulah House in the Parish of Barton who departed this life the 6th of May 1813 aged 50 years. He was a kind and affectionate husband, a tender parent and a sincere friend.

Lancaster Barton

(S. aisle E). Here lyeth William Lancaster, son of Christopher. On whose soul Jesu have mercy. (N. & B. I. 405).

Lancaster Barton

(Over S. Porch). Arms 41y. 1. Lowther with Badge of Ulster ; 2. Lancaster; 3. on bend 3 roundles (Beauchamp of Cumberland ?) ; 4. 3 stags' heads cabossed (Hartsop).

Lancaster Brough

(N). Sacred memory of Thomas Lancaster of Brough who departed this life February 4th 1858 aged 66 years. and of Sarah Lancaster late of Brough Sowerby and wife to the above who departed this life April 30th 1880 aged 70 years. "Not my will but thine be done."

Lancaster Burton In Kendal

(S). In memory of Jane Jancaster Who died November 30th, 1814, Aged 74 years. , And of Richard Lancaster, her husband Who died February 24th, 1880 Aged 76 years. Also Jane. da. of the above Who died June I9th, 1837 Aged 6 years.

Lancaster Heversham

(N). In memory of John Lancaster of Hincaster who died August 19th, 1824 Aged 69 y. Also of Jane his Wife who died February 22nd, 1861 Aged 82 years. Also of Jane Lancaster daughter of the above who died at Cartmel March 22nd, And was Interred here March 26th, 1881 aged 60 years.

Lancaster Kirkby Thore

(S. W). In loving memory Amy Elizabeth the beloved daughter of Thomas & Margaret Lancaster, B. July 22th 1873 died July 16th 1885. "Thy will be done." Also of Mary Bowman late of Long Marton who died at Kirkby Thore April l0th 1877 aged 83 years.

Lancaster Kirkby Thore

(S). To the memory of John Lancaster of Hale Field who died May 3rd 1853 aged 64 years. , in life respected, in death lamented, also of Mary Errington his mother-in-law and daughter of the late Reverend Joseph Middleton, Rector of Farlington, Middlesex,who died October 12th 1845 aged 72 years. Her end was peace.

Lancaster Kirkby Thore

(On corbel, altar table, S), Arms, sa. maunch az. (Wharton) impaling az. 2 bars gu. on canton or, mullet of the field (Lancaster) (tinctures incorrect).

Lancaster Kirkby Thore

(On tower). Arms, Wharton impaling Lancaster, Supporters, 2 squirrels. (Hill MSS. IV. 425, suppose the 2nd coat to be Lancaster or Preston. It is the latter if the charge on the canton is a quatrefoil.)

Lancaster Long Marton

"The following escutcheons were in the quire, east and side windows, in Machell's time." Hill MSS. iv. 3, 293. I. ar. 3 roses gu. over all 3 bars az. (Greystock) ; II.3 escallops (Dacre) ; III. checky, (ar. & az.) fess (gu.) (Clifford) ; IV. (ar.) maunch, within border sa. (Wharton) ; V. Wharton impaling ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of last, mullet or (Lancaster) ; VI. Lancaster; VII. ar. on fess sa. between 3 daws, the two in chief facing one another (? Burton, according to Hill, who notes a chevron between 3 owls, for Thomas B. Knt. as on seals of 15 thcentury in British Museum, and see Coll. Arms, Vinc. 127, 28 (B. of Co. Leic)., but ? (Dawes, see Church Notes vol. I, 87). VIII. (ar.) bend engrailed sa. (Radcliffe, says Hill, according to N. &. B. it is Burton ?).

Lancaster Lowther

(in. N. Transept, brass). Magistratus indicat virum. Henry Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Westmoreland & Cumberland, Colonel of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, Hon: Colonel of the Royal Cumberland Militia, Hon: Colonel of the Cumberland Volunteers, late Captain in the 1st Life Guards. Rep. Westmoreland in Parliament 25 years. B. Mar: xxvii A.D. mdcccxviiiD. Aug: xv A.D. mdccclxxvi. To whose beloved memory, the best of husbands and fathers and the most upright of gentlemen, this monument is erected by his wife. The memory of the just is blessed. (This is on either side of a full length figure, full face, in uniform of the 1st Life Guards, holding the helmet in the right hand; being a portrait of Henry Lord Lonsdale. Mr. Grump). Two shields of Arms (above), 1. or. 6 annulets 3, 2, I, sa. (Lowther) (with ulster badge). 2. Lowther impaling barry of 10 ar. & gu. on canton of 2nd lion passant guardant or (Caulfeild). Also 2 medallions each containing 5 small shields. On 1st medallion are I. Lowther (with ulster badge); II. Sa. 3 escallops within bordure engrailed ar. (Strickland); III. Gu. 3 lucies hauriant or (Lucy); IV. Ar. lion rampant sa. (Stapleton); V. Erm. on canton az. cross calvary or, (Quaile). On 2nd medallion, I. Sa.3 covered cups ar. (Warcop); II. Sa. 3 martlets volant ar. (Coll. Arms C. 39, 15 born ); III. Ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of 2nd, mullet of the field (Lancaster of Sockbridge); IV. Ar.3 bugle horns sa. (Bellingham); V. Ar. chevron gu. between 3 torteaux (Sherard).

Lancaster Musgrave

(S). In memory of Thomas Lancaster of Flitholme who died January 30th 1870 Aged 42 years. Also Wife who died March 22nd 1864 Aged 37 years. Also William their Son who died May 5th 1859 aged 5 years. Also Elizabeth their daughter who died November 28th 1861 aged 5 years.

Lancaster Shap

(S). Erected to the memory of Thomas Lancaster of Brackenber who died December 24th 1832 aged 76 years.