North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Benson


Benson Brough

(S). Sacred memory of Ambrose Benson of Barras who departed this life August 5th 1880 Aged 74 years.

Benson Burton In Kendal

(N. cross). In A. R. Elizabeth the beloved wife of Thomas Benson . who died April 23rd 1880 aged 34 years. Though lost to sight to memory dear.

Benson Heversham

(S. altar tomb). In memory of John Benson of Preston Richard who died Augt. 26th 1820 Aged 84 years. Also Agnes his Wife who died Augt. 26th 1802 Aged 64 years. Their five surviving Sons & Daughters had this Stone erected in gratefull and affectionate remembrance of two of the best of Parents. They were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided. 2 Sam. 1. 23. Also Ann Benson their daughter who died April 8th 1780 Aged 15 years. Also the Revd. Robt. Benson their Son who died February 9th, 1799 Aged 30 years. Also John Benson their Son who died May 30th 1845 Aged 82 years. And Ann his Wife who died July 11th, 1831 Aged 70 years. Also the Reverend . Joseph Benson died D. Rector of St. Breock, Cornwall, their Son, who died March 1st 1861 Aged 83.

Benson Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). In affectionate remembrance of Anthony Benson, second son of the late William Benson of this town who died at Preston Dec, 31, 1874 aged 54 years. also of Mary Ann, wife of the above who died at Preston December 18, 1879 aged 55 years.

Benson Kirkby Lonsdale

(N. rail). To born m. Isaac, youngest son of William Benson of this town who departed this life November 22nd 1873 aged 46 years. also of Robert Sutcliffe who died Decr. 22nd 1877 aged 70 years.

Benson Kirkby Lonsdale

(E. stone edging and low rail). In memory of John Benson of Dove Nest, Windermere, who died on the 21st May 1876 aged 59 years. Also of Eleanor his wife who died in London on the 29th August 1855 aged 35 years.

Benson Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). In loving memory Mary, wife of William Benson of Keastwick who died Decbr. 18th 1874 aged 51 years. also of the above named William Benson who died June 9th 1885 aged 57 years. Thy will be done.

Benson Windermere

(S. flat). In Memory of Marrian Benson of Lickbarrow who died March 8, 1804 Aged 60. Also of John Benson her Husband who departed this life March 9th 1820 Aged 75y. Also of Robert, Son of the above who died April 14th 1850 Aged 81 years.

Benson Windermere

(S). In Memory of Robert Benson of Lindeth who departed this life August 26, 1815 aged 68 years. Here also lie the Remains of Ann his daughter who lost her Life by a Fall on the Ground July 12, 1795 aged 15. Joseph his Son died April 8, 1804 aged 10 years. Robert his Son died July 16, 1810 aged 23 years. Betty Dickinson his daughter died November 3, 1813 aged 34 years.