North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Gardner


Gardner Burton In Kendal

(N. obelisk and rails). E. side. In memory of George Harrison Gardner only son of the late George Gardner of Birthwaite, Windermere, who died January 4th 1859 aged 44 years. S. side. also of Frances Anne Haward, wife of Robert Baker who died at Singapore September 11th 1871 aged 20 years. , and Edith Louisa Bowman, who d. December 5th 1871, aged 15 years. daurs. of the said George Harrison Gardner. "It is the Lord, let Him do what seemeth him good." 1 Sam. 3, 18. W. side also of Mary Harriet, eldest surviving daughter of the late G. H. Gardner who died Novr. 19th 1867 aged 20 years. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." Job I. 21. N. side also of Fredk. Edward Heelis, last surviving son of the late George Harrison Gardner, died May 18th 1860 aged 21 m. "Of such is the kingdom of Heaven." Mat. xix. 14.

Gardner Kendal

(Board). Donations to the poor for Bread. A.D. 1710 Rowland Wilson Esqr. London, Rent Charge on Grassgarth, Hugill, of £2 12S. od. Annually. 1750 Mr. John Robinson, Lane Foot, Strickland Ketel, Rent charge on Green Rigg Underbarrow of £2 12s. 0d. Annually. 1811 Mrs. Catherine Bordley. Kendal, Interest of £119 2s. 11d. New 3 per cents. 1813 Mr. William Sleddall, Kendal, Interest of £156 7s. 10d. New 3 per cents, 1846 Mrs. Elizabeth Rigg, Manchester, Moiety of Rents of Two Dwelling Houses, Wool Pack Yard. 1852 Reverend George Braithwaite Memory of A. Kendal, Interest of £198 15s. 2d. 3 per cent Consols. 1856 Mr. Christopher Gardner of Kendal, Ironmonger, Interest of £108 5s. 1d. 3 per cent Consols, being a gift to the Poor in commemoration of the Parish Church Restoration.

Gardner Windermere

(N. altar tomb, rail). Sacred memory of George Gardner Esquire of Birthwaite in this parish who died 20th May 1837 aged 59 years. Also of Harriet Anna his widow who died at Castlewood Durrow in Ireland April 3rd 1853 aged 68 years. Also of George Thompson Gardner who died April 11th 1845 aged 2 days, and of Jane Elizabeth Gardner who died December 24th 1846 aged 1 years. and 7 m. grandchild of the above.