North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Machell


Machell Appleby St Lawrence

(N. window seen in 1855, since disappeared). Arms :--4ly 1 & 4, sa: 3 greyhounds courant collared ar. ; 2 & 3, ermine, fretty gu. chief of last, (& then put in wrong i.e. Thornburgh 1 & 4 Machell 2 & 3 with dogs running to sinister. See E. died N. alph. & Dugdale's Church Notes 1664 West. Visit. C. 39, 2nd cal. 2, Coll. Arms, which last gives it Machell impaling Thornburgh, as also does Hill .MSS. I. 161.

Machell Appleby St Michael

.."This church had stained glass in ye windows wh. were removed at the time the church was repaired. The East window contained the Machell arms along with others. " Hill .MSS. iv. 65.

Machell Barton

ARUNDEL, PERCY, LUCY, DACRE, LOWTHER, LANCASTER, STRICKLAND, THRELKELD, MACHELL, MORESBY ORPHEUR, CRACKENTHORPE. (Over the communion table were 5 rows of shields, 7 in a row,) Arms &c. now disappeared. (N. & B.I. 405.)

Machell Burton In Kendal

(S). In memory of Jane German, daughter of John and Ann Machell who died June 27th 1857 aged 25 years. , also or Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Margaret Ann Rooks, who died April 27th 1868 aged 6 weeks, also of the above Margaret Ann Rooks, who departed this life on Monday July 3rd 1871 aged 34 years.

Machell Kendal

(E). Sacred memory of Mary Machell late of Kendal who died February 6th 1838 aged 75 y., also of John Airey, who died February l0th 1838 aged 81 years. , & of Jane his wife who died July 8th 1852 aged 71 years. , also of Ann, wife of Mr. James Airey of Liverpool who died May 12th 1853 aged 32 years. also of James Airey, husband of the above who d January 8th 1854 aged 31 years.

Machell Kirkby Thore

(Chancel, N.) Arms, sa. 3 greyhounds courant ar. (Machell).

Machell Kirkby Thore

(Font) A rms, 3 greyhounds courant, crescent for difference (Machell the Antiquary, Rector here, was a 2nd son).

Machell Kirkby Thore

Communion Rail). Collegii. Reg. Oxon: socivs. An: R: Caroli II. xxxv. Reg: Ma: A Sac: et ecclæsiæ de Kirkby Thore died D. (D.D. i.e. donum dedit; the altar was most likely given by him. Hill MSS. iv.,425). Tho. Machell, Rector.

Machell Kirkby Thore

(Corbel, altar table, N). Ar. maunch within border, sa. martlet of second for difference :–(Wharton) impaling sa. 3 greyhounds courant in pale az. collared of the field :–(Machell) (tinctures incorrect). N .B.–The 3 greyhounds in the Machell coat above should be ar. (az. is false heraldry), and the gold (not sable) collars are omitted by Dugdale (Norroy), in the Westmorland Heralds' Visitation (ColI. Arms, c. 39,66), probably to avoid a clashing with the shield of Mauleverer. See Cumbd. and Westmd.Antiq. and Arch. Trans., vol.8, p. 416, Art. xxxix. Machell of Crackenthorpe, by E. Bellasls (Lancaster).