North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Irving


Irving Brough

(In. Tower, Brass). (Esquire's heimet. Crest arm, embowed, hand holding trefoil. Arms 3 oak slips fructed ppr. impaling gu. on fess. or between 6 billets as many catherine wheels. (See note, end of section). Motto, Haud ullis labantia virtus.) P. Æ. Memory of Irving Esqr. Governor of Upnor Castle Ob. 23 April 1796 Æt 84 years.

Irving Cliburn

(W). In Memory of John Irving of this parish who died 6th December 1866 aged 73 years. and of his children, William who died 12th August 1856 aged 30 years. Eliza who died 9th December 1859 aged 9 years. Ruth who died 2nd August 1862 aged I7 years. Also of Mary Irving his wife who died 28th January 1885 aged 77 years.

Irving Clifton

(S). In affectionate remembrance of Jane Irving of Clifton who died on the 18th of November 1869 Aged 37 years.

Irving Kendal

(W. inscription now gone, 1888). Sacred memory of Edward Irving Junr., B. in Stricklandgate 17th December . 1791, departed this life 21st April 1824 Aged 32 years. Peaceful your travail closed in death's abode Your task fulfilled, O rest your spirit with God, Beloved, lamented: And your praises be mine, Prosperous or suffering, to the Wi1l Divine Resigned, obedient, thankful to employ Life's fleeting hours for Heaven's eternal joy. James his Brother died 13th May 1802 Aged 16. Joseph his Brother died 17th November . 1828 Aged 33.

Irving Kirkby Stephen

(In. brass.chancel, S). The window above is dedicated to the memory of Captain Martin Irving who died May xi, mdccclv. He served his country in H.M. lxi Reg., and also as Deputy Lieut. for the County of Westmorland for xxi years. He discharged the duties of magistrate, an office which he filled with untiring zeal and fidelity, while his remarkable urbanity and Christian benevolence rendered him universally esteemed and beloved. This tribute to the memory of a beloved husband is erected by his widow.

Irving Kirkby Stephen

(In. chancel floor, brass). Here lie the Remains of Mary the beloved Wife of Martin Irving Esqr. Magistrate of the County of Westmorland who departed this life the 12th Day of July 1838 aged 62 years.

Irving Long Marton

(N.E). In memory of Stephen Bellas of Long Marton who died May 4th 1874 aged 65 years. (Space.) Also Margaret Irving their grand-da. who died April 30th 1875 aged 17 y.

Irving Long Marton

(N.E). In memory of James Blacklow late of Drybeck who died July 22, 1853 aged 54 y. also James son of John and Margaret Irving of Longmarton who died January 11, 1854 aged 1 years. also Elizabeth their daughter who died July 4, 1855 aged 22 years. Margaret their daughter who died December 10, 1872 aged 32 years. Margaret wife of the above John Irving who died February 6, 1875 aged 66 years.

Irving Shap

(N.W). In memory of Elizabeth, wife of John Irving of Shap Abbey. who died January 31st 1874 aged 42 years. also of William, son of the above who died March 27th 1867 aged 12 years.