North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Watson


Watson Appleby St Lawrence

(S. W). Erected To the memory of Bridget Watson of Colby who died December 21, 1815 aged 80 years. , John Jackson of Colby who died June 21, 1813 aged 58 years. Grace their Daughter died an infant, John their Son died July 10, 1833 aged 42 years.

Watson Appleby St Lawrence

(N.E). In memory of Joseph Watson late of High Field who died December 17th, 1870 aged 74 years.

Watson Barton

(S. W). In loving memory William Scott who died at Hall Rigg, Plumpton January 21st 1875 aged 60 years. Also of Anne his wife who died at Penrith, Oct. 20th 1885 aged 73 years. They sleep in Jesus. Also of Joseph Watson infant, Their grandson who d. at Pooley April 25th 1875.

Watson Brough

(S). To Memory of Mary Grainger of Park-house she died July 13th 1838 Aged 65 years. Also of John Grainger, Husband of the above who died July 16th 1867 Aged 80 years. And of William Watson, husband of Ellenor Watson, the latter daughter to the above, who died January 31st 1858 Aged 47 years. Also the abovenamed Ellenor Watson who died November 26th 1881 Aged 68 years.

Watson Cliburn

(S). In memory of Samuel Watson of Cliburn Hall who departed this life May 25th 1818 Aged 46 y. Also Ann his wife who died December 28th 1846 Aged 74 years. Also Stephen their son who died March 26th 1820 Aged 3 years. Also Joseph, their son who died June 30th 1854 aged 54 years.

Watson Dufton

(In. S. brass). Michael Todd of the parish of St. James, Clerkenwell, in the County of Middlesex, gentleman, by his will dated the 11th of August 1692 gave several yearly sums of money for purposes following. To the Churchwarden of this parish for the time being on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel yearly to be distributed at the discretion of the minister and churchwardens among such poor people of this parish as should most want the same, £5 0 0. To the said Churchwardens to be employed and disposed of at the discretion of the said minister and churchwardens in binding and putting apprentices to some handicraft Trade 2 poor boys natives of this parish, to be yearly elected on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, £4 0 0. To such persons as the said Minister & Churchwardens shall approve of being a schoolmaster for the time being, for his better livelihood & encouragement in his employment, £4 0 0. To the Minister of this parish for the time being at the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel yearly, upon condition that he should yearly preach a sermon on that feast or on the Sunday or Lord's Day then next during his residence in this parish £0 10 0. To the said churchwardens to be by them yearly distributed amongst 20 poor indigent men of this parish who shall attend the said sermon & divine service an equal share & share alike, £1 0 0. £14 10 0. To be yearly issuing after the testator's wife's death out of 10 acres of freehold & copyhold lands at Knowel's Green in the Parish of Stains in the County of Middlesex. But a suit in chancery being commenced between this Parish & the heirs at law of the said testator touching this charity, & the lands being very remote from this Parish & worth if sold no more than £320 William . Winders of this parish Esq. out of charity & benevolence & for preserving the testator's charity (which otherwise would have been much lessened if not totally frustrated) made a proposal to settle an annuityof £4 10 0 out of his estate in this parish for the purposes mentioned in the said will, & to pay all the costs & charges on account of the said charity upon having the said 10 acres of land vested in him & his heirs which proposal hath been accepted & carried into execution. The security for the said parish is invested in 5 trustees which in the original will more fully and at large appears. And this monument was to have been erected pursuant to the said will in the year 1739 but has always been neglected till the present year 1778. William , Kilner, Rector, Jo. Furnas, Thomas Watson, John Loy, churchwardens.

Watson Dufton

(S). Sacred memory of Ann daughter of Thomas & Eleanor Watson who departed this life December 20th 1817 aged 31 years. (Other side). To the memory of Thomas Watson of Dufton who departed this life December . 23d 1814 aged 88 years. , also Elizabeth his wife died March 25th 1819 aged 88 years. , also Thomas their son died March 23rd 1828 aged 74, also of Eleanor his wife who died August 14th 1846 aged 90 years.

Watson Dufton

(S). Sacred memory of Mary, wife of Thomas Watson who died April l0th 1836 aged 44 years. also the said Thomas Watson, who died June 11th, 1854, aged 63 years.

Watson Grasmere

(In. W. board). Charities, A.D. 1812, Mrs. Dorothy Knott of Ambleside gave the Sum of £100 the Interest from which to be applied to the Education of five Children .(of poor but industrious Parents) at Grasmere School. 1847, Vincent G. Dowling Esq. (whose Mother and Sisters have been interred in the Churchyard of this Parish) gave the sum of £10 towards the further Endowment of the Parochial School. 1852, John Watson of Winterseeds in Grasmere, Yeoman, Gave £100, the interest from which to be applied towards the Schooling of such Children of the Poor in the Township as the School Trustees shall annually choose.

Watson Heversham

(S. altar tomb). In memory of Betty Hurst, Wife of John Hurst, of Caton and daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Watson of Park-house who died October 31, 1802 Aged 33, also of Elizabeth Hurst daughter of John & Betty Hurst, who died April 22, 1802 Aged 1 years. & 3 m. Thomas Thompson Askew died February 8th, 1811 aged 8 years. Thomas Watson died Janry. 7th, 1815 Aged 79. Elizabeth Watson died Janry.l0th, 1820 Aged 83. Also of Eleanor the Wife of Thomas Watson of Park-house, who died August 5th, 1821 aged 63 years. Also of Thomas Watson of Park-house and Son of the above Thomas and Elizabeth Watson, who died February 19th, 1823 aged 60 years.

Watson Heversham

(S) . I. H. S. In memory of Betsy Watson, daughter of Thomas Watson of Park House, Heversham, who died at Milnthorpe, November . I9th, 1873 aged 78 years. Jane Watson daughter of Thomas Watson, who died December I3th, 1875 aged 76 years. " Seek ye the Lord while He may be found."

Watson Heversham

(In N.W). Juxta Marmor s. c. Reverend usThomas Watson, Annos prope quinquaginta Ludi magister haud inutilis. Ob. November 22d an. Sal. (17) 53. Æt. 81.

Watson Kirkby Lonsdale

(In. N). In memory of William Tomlinson of Broom Field, Arkholme, eldest son of John Tomlinson of Haslack, Beetham, Gentn. who died February 1st 1756 aged 75 y. Elizabeth North his Wife died April 27th 1713 aged 29. Lettice Wilson* his second Wife died March 18th 1769, aged 77. Thomas Tomlinson of Biggins, eldest son of William and Lettice Tomlinson died January 1st 1811 aged 84. Ann Battersby his Wife died March 7th 1803 aged 68. William Tomlinson of Albin Bank, Preston, eldest son of Thomas and Ann Tomlinson died April 24th 1827 aged 63. Elizabeth Watson his Wife died May 11th 1820 aged 65. Edward Tomlinson of Biggins, second son of Thomas and Ann Tomlinson died May 11th 1842 aged 73. Elizabeth Rawlinson his Wife died October 12th 1848 aged 75. Edward Rawlinson brother of Elizabeth Tomlinson died February 16th 1840 aged 71. Edward Tomlinson third son of Edward and Elizabeth Tomlinson died April 15th 1827 aged 23. Isabella Tomlinson youngest daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Tomlinson died October 8th 1832 aged 21. Also in m. Thomas Tomlinson who died October 3rd 1854 aged 58, Anthony Battersby Tomlinson, died November 14th 1865 aged 69, William Tomlinson died March 12th 1874 aged 59, second, eldest and youngest sons of Edward and Elizabeth Tomlinson. Arms, (at top) 41y 1 & 4, per pale ar. & az.3 greyhounds courant, a chief engrailed of the 2nd ; 2, or, saltire, paly of 12 erm. & gu. a crescent for difference; 3, az. cross patoncé or. * An inscription in Melling churchyard says she was the daughter of Edward Wilson, of Natland. (T. Jenninngs).

Watson Orton

(N. cross). i.h.s. In memory of John Watson the beloved son of John O and Ruth Watson of Kelleth who died February 24th 1881 aged 15 years. Also of John Oriend Watson father of the above who died Oct. 17, 1888 aged 46 years. " For they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb."

Watson Warcop

(E). In memory of John Watson of Warcop who departed this life March 9, 1801 aged 75. Also Dorothy his Wife died July 24, 1812 aged 80. Anne their daughter died April 16, 1778 aged 21.

Watson Windermere

(S.flat stone). Sacred memory of Harriet Watson who was born April 29th 1771 and died October 7th 1835. Also to the memory of Dorothy Watson who was born March 31st 1777 and died August 16th 1837, daughter of the Right Reverend Richard Watson late Bishop of Llandaff.

Watson Windermere

(In. S.E., tablet with mitre & crozier; at dexter 3 books marked Chemical Essays, Apology for Christianity, Apology for the Bible: at sinister 2 books, i.e., Theological Tracts, Sermons and Tracts). Quod mortale fuit Ricardi Landavensis juxta caemeterium habet, quod immortale est faxit Deus en XPI¥ÒT¥Ø caelum habeat, vitam obiit iv. non. Jul. A.D. MDCCCXVI ¨¡tat 1xxix. Hoc marmor parvulum licet, egregii in conjugem amoris monumentum poni curavit Dorothea Watson et ipsa ©¡vo haud brevi sine labe perfuncta tumulo eodem sepulta re. quiescit, excessit III id. April A.D. NDCCCXXXl ©¡tatis su©¡ Ixxxi. (See Atkinson's " Worthies," &c.

Watson Windermere

(S. altar tomb, rail). Ricardi Watson Episcopi Landavensis cineribus sacrum, obiit Julii 40 A.D. 1816 Ætatis 79. Hic etiam conjugem prope depositæ sunt reliquiræ Dorotheæ Watson maximæ natarum Edvardi Wilson de Dallam Tower arm.. vitam obiit III id. April A.D. MDCCCXXXl æatis suæ Ixxxi. (See Gent's Mag. December 1849).