North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Graham


Graham Appleby St Lawrence

(S. W). To the memory of Thomas Teasdale of Colby, who died I. on the 20th July 1822, aged 73 years. Also Isabella Graham, Daughter of the above who died I. May 17th 1825, aged 40 years. Also Alice Teasdale who died I. February 6th, 1827, aged 28 years. William Teasdale died April 22nd, 1835, aged 39 years. Also Betty, widow of the above Thomas Teasdale died March 14th 1845, aged 80 years. Hannah Corrie their daughter, who died July 5th, 1854, aged 49 years.

Graham Appleby St Michael

(W. column). In lumine lucem. Sacrum carissimæ desideratissimæque matris memoriæ. Here rest the mortal remains of Frances eldest child of George Harrison, Esq., Whitfield Brow, Eden Grove, Bolton, senior alderman & six times Mayor of Appleby, she was married to Isaac Thompson, well known at Southfield in this parish & after a short but happy life with a devoted husband died at the early age of 43 and was buried under this monument May 3rd 1816, beloved & respected by all who knew her goodness of heart, leaving a large & youthful family to mourn her irreparable loss. Margaret their eldest daughter, born Oct. 30,1803, at Southfield, died at the premature age of 18, from a neglected cold caught in London & was buried here June 22,1822. Their sons Anthony & John & their daughter Jane died in infancy & were buried here. (another side) In lumine lucem, theire daughter Mary born Oct. 1, 1808, wife of Thomas Winder & Ann born February 11, 1813, wife of George Graham the former in London, the latter at Bertie, Canada. Isaac after his wife's decease emigrated with his remaining family & some old attached servants and fellow parishioners to Southfield, Bertie, and died there at a good old age respected by the residents of the whole district. Thus the world's glory passeth away, Their eldest son Reverend George Thompson, Memory of A., of Hertford College, Oxford, and nearly half a century the successful head master of the Grammar School, Wisbeach, paid this dutiful and graceful tribute to the memory of a most charitable and.excellent lady. "in thy light shall we see light," psalm 36, v. 9. Arms ; on fess dancette, 3 etoiles of 5 points, on canton sun in splendour, impaling on cross 5 pheons. Do impaling a 2nd coat Crests; 1. out of ducal crown, hand holding garb; 2. on wreath, greyhound courant to sinister. (One crest only should be over each shield

Graham Barton

(S. E). In memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of Arthur Graham of Yanwath Hall who died September . 26th 1865 aged 41 years. Also of Jane daughter of the above who died at Kirkbythore August 16th 1881 aged 20 years.

Graham Brougham

(E. of path, brass on stone). Sacred memory of a Beloved Mother, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Peter Graham of Hornby Hall who died April 5th A. died 1789 Aged 67 years.

Graham Clifton

(N). In memory of John Graham of the Hospital Farm who died September 24th 1866 aged 72 years.

Graham Clifton

(N) . In memory of Robert Graham of Abbott Lodge who died December . 17th 1868 Aged 55 Y. Isabella Graham who died at Abbott Lodge May 30th 1862 Aged 51 years. Her end was Peace. Also John Graham, Son of the above who died at Stonfield July 19th 1849 Aged 5 m. and was In terred at Hesket in the Forest (sic). Also Mary daughter of the above ,who died at Abbot Lodge June 36th 1856 Aged 5 years. Also of Robert Graham son of the above who died August 23rd 1872 aged 23 years.

Graham Clifton

(N). Erected in m. William Graham late of Dufton Wood near Appleby, who died Octr 16th 1840 aged 85 years. , also William his son who died at Dufton Wood July 11th 1805 aged 5. Thomas died at Dufton Wood September 2nd 1821 aged 31. Mary Ann Jackson grand-da. died at Dufton Wood February 1822 aged 1. George his son died March 15th 1838 aged 36, Surgeon H.C.S; Bridgewater. Also Frances Graham relict of the above William who died at Clifton October 20th 1854 aged 90 years.

Graham Dufton

(S). To the memory of George Graham of Dufton who died June 19, 1881, aged 68y.

Graham Dufton

(S). In memory of Isabella daughter of Elizabeth Graham of Dufton who died December 1861 aged 4 years. We deeply mourn thy loss, But thou to Heaven hast gone, We will calmly bear the cross, Thy will, O Lord, be done. also of George Graham, Sen. who died October 5, 1866 aged 81 years.

Graham Dufton

(S). Erected in m. Richard Graham of Harthwaite Cottage in this parish who died March 25, I862 aged 63 years.

Graham Grasmere

(In. hatchment). Crest and Arms of Fleming, with helmet and Ulster’s Badge. Motto: Resurgam. On inescutcheon 41y grand quarters. 1. and 4. 1. Howard; 2. Brotherton; 3. Warren; 4. Mowbray; 2. and 3. 1. and 4. or.. chief. sa 3. escallops of field; 2. and 3. or., fess checky ar. and az. in chief, chevron gu. (Grahme. Coll. Arms: C. 39 2nd cal. 21, i.e. Graham of Netherby).

Graham Lowther

(E. wall S. Transept). To the memory of John Graham of Great Strickland in the parish of Morland and formerly of Clifton Dykes in this County who died 30th of June 1815 aged 70 years. And Mary his wife who died 25th March 1808 aged 66 years. Also Mary Graham of the same place, their only daughter who died 17th February 1832 aged 58 years. Erected by Joseph Porter nephew of the above Mary Graham.

Graham Newbiggin

(W). Erected in m. John Graham who died January 16th 1806 aged 65 years. Also Ann Graham his wife who died February 4th 1826 aged 86 years. Also John their son who died November 20th 1835 aged 67 years. Also Rebecca Graham who died Oct. 11th 1852 aged 54 years.