North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Wootten


Wootten Clifton

(S. Large square pedestal with urn). lnstabili spe Christi merita resurrectionis lætre Reverendus Gulielmus Hogarth, Vir inevangelis (?) constans, hocce vico natus Et ecclesiae de Horton in Com. Northumbriensi nuper minister fidelis, obiit apud Crow Hall Die 30 Septembris A.D. 1816 Ætat 52 et apud Cramlington in eodum (sic) comitatu Sepultus est. Christiana ejus uxor Femina omnibus chara Hic requiescit liberis et amicis erepta Sic Deo visum Die 5 Augusti A.D. 1822 Ætat 44. Relinquitur Sabbatisimus (sic) Populo Dei. (Second side). Sacred memory of William Hogarth Esqr of Clifton B. June 3rd 1805, died June 24th 1870, also of Sarah-Ann daughter of J. N. Browne First wife of the said W. Hogarth died June 26th 1829 aged 26 years. Also of John-Edward Hogarth, son of William & Mary Isabella Hogarth, Lost at sea March 1854 aged 13 years. (Third side). Sacred memory of Christopher Clarke Hogarth second son of the Reverend William Hogarth & Christiana his wife who died in the 14 years. of his age July 18th 1821 at Crow Hall & was interred at Cramlington in the County of Northumberland. Also near this place is interred Elizabeth Wootten widow of the late John Clarke Wootten Esqr of Oxford & sister of the late Christiana Hogarth, she d. respected by all who knew her July 29th 1825 in the 53 years. of her age. Also to the memory of Adam Airey Hogarth, died in Canada November 17th 1839 aged 28. The Reverend Arthur George Hogarth died at Bungay Suffolk December 1st 1857 aged 44. Timothy Hogarth died at Copt Hill Northnd. June 23rd 1852 aged 36, sons of the Reverend William Hogarth.