North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Dennison


Dennison Barton

(S. W.) In memory of John Dennison of Penrith died February 25th 1860 aged 69.

Dennison Crosby Garrett

(In choir N). Sacred memory of the following persons, viz - Isabella the Wife of the Revd William Bird and daughter of the Reverend James Lamb, Vicar of Appleby, died on the 23rd Octr 1731 in the 38th years. of her Age. Thomas their Son died in his Infancy in the years. 1723. William their Son died on the 17th March 1740 in the 21st years. of his age. The Reverend W. Bird Rector of the Parish of Crosby Garrett d. on the 24th Oct. 1746 Aged 72. Isabella daughter of the Reverend James Bird and Mary his Wife died in the years. 1751 in the 4th years. of her Age. Henrietta Maria their daughter died on the 2nd April 1755 in the 2nd years. of her Age. Mary the Wife of the Reverend James Bird and daughter of Henry Dennison Esqre of Kirkby Stephen died on the 16th April 1758 Aged 32. The Reverend James Bird Rector of the Parish of Crosby Garrett died on the 6th June 1761. Aged 47. He was the surviving Son of the above named William Bird and Isabella his Wife. Henry Son of the said James Bird and Mary his Wife died at Calcutta in the years. 1771 Aged 15. The Revd. William Bird Rector of the Parish of Crosby Garrett and one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Co. of Westmorland died on the 15th February 1822 Aged 76. He was the eldest Son of the said James Bird and Mary his Wife.

Dennison Crosby Ravensworth

(N. Cross). Here lieth Thomas Dennison who departed this life November 20, 1864, aged 59 y. Ellen daughter of the above and of Nany Maria his wife departed this life October 9. 1866 aged 21 years. I will ransom them from the power of the grave. I will redeem them from death. Hosea 13, ver. 14.

Dennison Heversham

(S. altar tomb, rail). In Memory of John Dennison of Beethom, Farmer, who died June 30th 1789 Aged 54 years. Mary Widow of the above John Dennison, died January 28th 1793 Aged 53 years. Also of Robert Dennison of Beethom, Yeoman, Son of the above John & Mary Dennison who died May 22nd 1832 Aged 63 years. , and of Mary Dennison Widow of the above Robt. Dennison, died November . 1st 1836 Aged 67 years.

Dennison Kendal

(E). Sacred memory of John Dennison late of Liverpool who died June 8th 1835. also of Betsy Dennison of Kirkland, Widow of the above and fourth daughter of Robert and Ann Harrison who departed this life April 9th 1854 aged 83 years. Requiescantin pace.