North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Metcalfe


Metcalfe Asby

(W). To Memory of George Hoggart of Gaythorne Hall, who died November 28th 1802, aged 85 years. Also Margaret his Wife died Augst. 21st , 1808, Aged 84 years. Also George Hoggart their Son died December . 3rd 1827, Aged 77 years. Also Agnes Metcalfe their Daughter who died December 20th, 1837, Aged 76 years. Also John Metcalfe her Husband who died December . 17th, 1839, Aged 72 years. (Other side). To Memory of John Son of George and Margaret Hoggart of Gaythorne Hall, who died May 30th, 1782, Aged 22. Also Edward their son died July 18th, 1784, Aged 20 years. Also Richard their Son died May 26th, 1811, Aged 52 years.

Metcalfe Crosby Garrett

(N). In Memory of Matthew Dent of Water Houses who died 5th July:1858 aged 69 years. Also Hannah his wife who died 22nd Jany 1880 aged 87 years. Also of Mary wife of Richard Metcalfe of Water Houses and daughter of the above who died 9th November 1880 aged 60 years.

Metcalfe Grasmere

(N. stone edging). I. h. S. In affectionate remembrance of Wilfred Nelson who died June 29th 1880 aged 75 years. (Space left) also of their beloved daughter Dinah who died March 21st 1869 aged 18 years. Also of Mary Ann Metcalfe who died September 17th 1870 aged 22 years. Also of Ann Kemp late of Bowness, who died at Grasmere August 24th 1884 aged 75 years.

Metcalfe Kirkby Lonsdale

(W). In affectionate remembrance of John Metcalfe of this town who died on the 17th of May 1870 aged 71 years. much respected. He being dead yet speaketh. This stone was erected by his niece Jane Hicks and her family.

Metcalfe Kirkby Lonsdale

(W). In memory of Mary Metcalfe the wife of Anthony Metcalfe who departed this life the 13th day of November 1856 aged 62 years. Also of Alice Metcalfe their daughter who died the 15th day of January 1857 aged 29 years. and of Anthony Metcalfe who died 2nd December 1868 aged 73Y.

Metcalfe Long Marton

(N.E). In affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann the beloved wife of James Metcalfe of Long Marton who died September . 4th 1874 aged 50 years. also Jane Elizabeth their daughter who d. at Kirkbythore November 24th 1881 aged 21 years.

Metcalfe Orton

(N). The Lord is my shepherd. In loving memory John Metcalfe who died at Bowderdale 29th June 1884 aged 85 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died 13th November 1879 aged 83 years.

Metcalfe Orton

(N). In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Lambert Metcalfe Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Metcalfe of Tebay, born June 29th 1864 died August 7th 1885. How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out.

Metcalfe Ravenstonedale

(S. wall of tower). In Memory of Simon Bousfield who died September 20, 1783 Aged 89 years. And Elizabeth his Wife who died November 8th 1774 Aged 72 Yrs. Also of Ann their daughter the Wife of Tho. Metcalf who died March l0th 1776 Aged 44 years.

Metcalfe Ravenstonedale

(S). In affectionate remembrance of Edward Metcalfe of Ashfield who died January the 15th 1867 in his 69th years. and of Martha Kaye Metcalfe who followed her beloved husband February the lst 1867 in her 58th years. "They were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided." Also of their children, Elizabeth born June the 29th 1826 died May the 22nd 1830. Robert Weston born October the 15th 1834 died March the 26th 1846. Anne born July the 20th l836 died January the 2nd 1838.

Metcalfe Ravenstonedale

(W. wall of porch. 3 stones, rail). (1). In loving memory Richard son of Thomas Atkinson and Mary Metcalfe-Gibson, born at Coldbeck July 12th 1884 died at Southport October loth 1884. (2). 1786. Here lies a Wife Mary Metcalfe. Where I was born or when | it matters not | To whom related | or by whom begot. (3). In memory of Anthony Metcalfe of Park House in this parish who died December 24th 1844 aged 79 years. And Frances his wife who died April 25th 1827 aged 42y. Also of Mary Metcalfe sister of the above-named Anthony Metcalfe who died April 3rd 1850 aged 82 years. And also of Anthony Metcalfe-Gibson of Park House son of the above-named Anthony Metcalfe who died May 9th 1885 aged 67 years. He assumed the surname of Gibson on the death of Richard Gibson of Coldbeck in 1880. Mary his wife who died April 5th 1858 aged 38 years. Mary his second wife who died April 24th 1876 aged 58 years. and William his, youngest son who died May 14th 1877 aged 24 years.

Metcalfe Shap

(N). In loving memory John Metcalfe, of Beckside, Sleddale who died April 23rd, 1885 aged 56 years. " The Lord is my Shepherd. "

Metcalfe Windermere

(In.S). In this churchyard rest the remains of Mrs. died Metcalfe, of Old England, Bowness, who died February 10th 1842 aged 88 years. This last tribute of affection and reverence is offered by her grateful niece to whom she was more than the best and kindest of mothers for forty-seven years. Also to the beloved memory of her very dear nephew Frederick Marwood Esquire, barrister-at-law, who died August 28th 1824 aged 27 years. interred at Pear Tree Green near Southampton, Hampshire.

Metcalfe Windermere

(W. altar tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Mrs. died Metcalfe who died at Bowness, February 10th 1842 aged 88 years.