North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Martindale


Martindale Brougham

(In. floor slab. within altar rails, with brasses, 2 figures within circle 3 scrolls, and 6 shields of arms, I847 (1). Hic jacet Henricus Burgham qui obiit 20 die mens. September br. anno Dni. 1570, et in memoriam Catherine uxoris ejus, filie et heredjs Randulphi Nevill, militis et Catherine, Margarite et Elizabethe filiar. eor.* (2). Hic jacet Thomas fili. eorum qui obiit 7 die mensis J anuarii Ano Dm. 1607. (3). Et in memoriam Agnetis uxoris ejus. Arms: (dexter shields) 1st. 41y 1 & 4 Brougham, 2 & 3 Vaux ; 2nd. Brougham; 3rd. 41y 1 & 4 Brougham ; 2 & 3 Nevill. (Sinister shields) 1st. Vaux; 2nd. Nevill; 3rd. Brougham impaling barry ar: & gu. bend az. (Martindale).† (Hill MSS. v. 22).

Martindale Crosby Garrett

(S). In Memory of Jane the Wife of Richard Martindale who died November 7th 1753 Aged 24 years. Also of Michael their only Son who died December 16th 1772 Aged 20 years. Likewise of Richard Martindale who died December 21st 1799 Aged 80 years.