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Westmorland Church Notes - Musgrave


Musgrave Appleby St Lawrence

(N. Aisle, Window). Arms, 1. gu. 3 cushions erm. tasselled or (Redman) ; 2. az. 6 annulets 3, 2, 1, or (Musgrave). Dugdale, 1664, Coll. Arms, & Hill MSS.I. 161, citing Machell.

Musgrave Appleby St Michael

(On timber). Arms. "6 annulets, ye colours gone, most likely Musgrave of Murton." Hill MSS. iv. 65. Very likely Vipont.m

Musgrave Appleby St Michael

"There were no monuments in ye church except a recumbent female figure under a small arch on the north side of the church in ye wall & above it within ye arch was an escutcheon parted per pale in the first 6 annulets; in the second 3 water budgetts, Musgrave most likely, impaling Ross or Rous."* Hill MSS. iv, 65, citing Machell. This figure with annulet charges, & with 2 small shields on cushion, dexter, modern & unfinished; sinister, Roos coat, is now replaced in S. wall. The large stone with impaled arms (as above), and the canopy remains are lying loose, November 1887. *Sir Thomas Musgrave m. circa 1384, Margaret daughter & coh. of Sir William . Ros.

Musgrave Crosby Garrett

(E. wall of chancel). Musgrave arms (Hill MSS. VII. 171, citing Machell 1688).

Musgrave Kendal

(In. Parr chapel floor, once with oak rail on two sides; wood-work now in the way, and shield of arms, &c., invisible). Here lyeth the Body of William Askew, late of Standingstones, in the Parish of Millom, and County of Cumberland, Gent., who departed this life the 13th of April, in the years. of our Lord 1717, and of his Age the 80th. He marryed Dorothy, the davghter of William Mvsgrave of Crookdake in the said County, Esqr., by whom he had only one svrviving davghter, now the wife of John Archer of Oxen Holme, Esqr. (Mr. ]ennings’ copy, 20th October 1863).

Musgrave Kendal

(E.) In memory of Agnes the wife of Thomas Musgrave of Castle Mills, Kendal, who died May 14th 1847 aged 62 years. , also of Philip their son who died May 21st 1845 aged 27 years. , also of Thomas Musgrave who died February 9th 1869 aged 86 years. & was interred at the Kendal cemetery.

Musgrave Kirkby Stephen

(Over entrance to belfry). Arms on 5 shields, (over arch). i Chequy, fess (Clifford); (dexter) ii. fess between 6 crosses (Beauchamp) impaling 6 annulets 3, 2, I, a crescent for difference (Musgrave), iii. Musgrave (without crescent) impaling cross flory (Ward); (sinister) iv. maunch (Wharton) impaling lion rampant (Stapleton). v. on fess 3 cushions (Warcop of Smardale).* * See Reverend F. J. Hodgson's learned article; Cumbd. & Westmd. Antiq. & Arch. Soc .Trans. p. i vol. iv, pp. 230-2, with illustrations of the above, & also Hill MSS. vii, 183. Hill observes on the above heraldry :–"Evidently the arms of the benefactors at the rebuilding of the steeple." The Beauchamp and Warcop coats, however, he (or Machell) labels Layton of Sexhowe in Cleveland, and Hutton respectively; and (it is considered,) erroneously.

Musgrave Kirkby Stephen

(In. Musgrave chapel, centre, formerly 4 yards to N. of present position altar tomb, thereon a recumbent knight in armour, head resting on helmet). Crest, lion couchant. Arms (on surcoat) 6 annulets 3, 2, I. (Musgrave).

Musgrave Kirkby Stephen

(In. Musgrave chapel, altar tomb, canopy moulding &c. S. wall). Hic iacet Ricard' Musgrave miles iot' Elizabe. uxore. sua. Thoma. filiu. † here. coru. qi. obiit ix o die mesis Novemb. an. dni. mdcccclxiiii cui. anime ppicit' d's amen. Arms, twice, 1 on tomb, 2 on shield held by angel, wings displayed) 6 Annulets 3,2, 1. (Musgrave) last coat with supporters (dexter), lion sejant, (sinister) pelican in her piety. Also On canopy moulding, 2 small birds, at E. side greyhound courant; also tablet with I.H.C.; and the word , "tibi " (?) &c.* * See an able paper on Kirkby Stephen Church, including description of these 2 Musgrave tombs, and of the great Wharton tomb, but without identification of the quarterings on the latter. Cumbd. & Westmd. Antiq. & Arch. Soc. Trans. pt. 1., Vol. iv., pp. 178-249, art. xvi., by the Reverend J. F. Hodgson. There is no ground for Mr. C. Nicholson saying that the above recumbent figure is Sir Andrew Harcla.

Musgrave Musgrave

(Choir). In the windows are the Arms of the Musgraves, & another coat with a Red Cross. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Musgrave Warcop

"These 3 arms were in a window of Warcop Church on ye S. side near ye porch, ye window had 3 lights I fancy, and was a large one. " A cherub full face over each shield. I az. 6 anuulets or 3, 2, 1 (Musgrave). II. sa. 3 covered cups ar. (Warcop) impaling sa. 3 hawks belled and jessed ar. ( . . . . ) III. ar. (?) maunch gu. (?) (for Wharton) Hill MSS. 7, 448.