North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Kirk


Kirk Brough

(S). In Memory of David Kirk late of Brough who died April 15, 1808 aged 76 years.

Kirk Crosby Garrett

(S. wall). In Memory of Deborah the wife of Joseph Richardson who died May 9, 1759 aged 54; of the abovesaid Joseph Richardson who died October 4, 1764 aged 68; of Deborah Kirk mother of the abovesaid Deborah Richardson who died November 5, 1764 aged 86; of Richard Richardson of Islington in the County of Middlesex who died April 14, 1783 aged 57; William Richardson Memory of A. of Baildon in the County of York who died October 30, 1788 aged 45; and John Richardson Memory of A. of Haworth in the said County of York who died April 23, 1791 aged 56; all Sons of the above Joseph and Deborah Richardson; of Joseph Richardson B.A., son of Thomas & Alice Richardson who died July 26, 1793, aged 30; of Alice Richardson Mother of the above Joseph Richardson who died January 18, 1805, aged 67. And of Thomas Richardson Son of the above-mentioned Joseph & Deborah Richardson who died October 22, 1806, aged 69 years.