North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Kitching


Kitching Appleby St Michael

(E). Erected In Memory of Hannah Rickerby who died November 4th, 1841, Aged 80 years. Also of Dinah Kitching who died August 16, 1847, Aged 82 years.

Kitching Crosby Ravensworth

(S. column). Here lies the body of Eleanor Kitching, Wife of James Kitching, she died May 25th 1790 Aged 83.

Kitching Crosby Ravensworth

(N). In loving memory John Hewer who died November . 23rd. 1873 aged 6 years. & 4 mos. Also of Joseph who died January 26th 1876 aged 7 years. & 4 mos. The beloved & only children of Thomas & Mary Kitching of Penrith.

Kitching Heversham

(S. altar tomb, railing). Sacred memory of Philip Bindloss, late of Park House, who d. 29th January 1802 aged 35 years. , also of Jane Bindloss his wife who died 8th August 1831 aged 69, and of their daughter Jane Bindloss who died 17th March 1831 aged 31 years. , " a broken and contrite heart o God thou wilt not despise," also of Thompson Bindloss their son who died , at Castle Green April 4th 1850 aged 52. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord," Reverend XIV. 13, also of Elizabeth, widow of the late Thompson Bindloss of Castle Green, Kendal, and da. of the late Edward Kitching, surgeon, Milnthorpe, who d October 23rd 1881 aged 78 years. " be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh."

Kitching Heversham

(E two tablets, rails). (1). In memory of Elizabeth Kitching wife of John Kitching late of Shap, Westmoreland who died January 20th, 1800 aged 72 years. , also of John Kitching her husband who died December . 21st, 1811, aged 83 years. , also of Edward Kitching their son, surgeon, late of Milnthorpe, who died February 19th, 1815 aged 58 years. , also of Agnes, daughter of the above Edward Kitching who d. April 19th, 1803 aged 21 weeks, and in m. Agnes Kitching relict of the late Edward Kitching of Milnthorpe who died September . 25th, 1837 aged 66 years. , also of John Kitching, surgeon, late of South Audley Street, Grosvenor Square, London, son of the above Edward and Agnes Kitching, who died at his residence Milnthorpe May 26th, 1879 aged 83 years. (2). In memory of Agnes Wife of Robert Hardy of Milnthrop who died February 20, 1802, Aged 66. Also Robert Hardy of Milnthrop, Innkeeper at the Crosskeys for upwards of 40 years. , died May 21st 1821 aged 82 years. Robert Hardy, Son of Robert died June 19th, 1818 Aged 43 years. Ann Wife of Robert Hardy Junr. died April 19th, 1815 Aged 29 years. Robert Son of Robert Hardy Junr. d. May 21st 1818 Aged 8 years. Also Fanny, youngest daughter of Robert Hardy & relict of Richard Bainbridge of Appleby, who died at Hessle near Hull November . 13th, and was interred here November . 17th 1865 Aged 86 years.

Kitching Kendal

(N. E). I. H. S. In memory of Barbara the beloved Wife of William Kitching, who d. April 29th 1853 Aged 53 years. Also of John, their Infant Son, and of William their Son who died March l0th 1841 Aged 7Y.

Kitching Kirkby Stephen

In memory of James Kitching R.N. who departed this life 17th January 1832 aged 52.