North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Williamson


Williamson Crosby Ravensworth

(S). Here lieth the body of Henry Langhorne of High Dalebanks, Yeoman, who d. May 23rd, 1870 aged 75 years. Also of Jane his wife who died June 11th 1866 aged 63 years. Erected in affectionate remembrance of the above by A. Williamson. “Take ye heed, watch and pray for ye know not when the time is.” St. Mark 13, ver. 33.

Williamson Crosby Ravensworth

(E). To the memory of Reverend . Samuel Reveley, late Vicar of the Parish, who died the 11th of November . 1809 aged 52. And also of Ruth his Wife who died April 5th 1830 aged 72. And also of Elizabeth Williamson who died March 24th 1838 aged 77.

Williamson Heversham

(E). In affectionate remembrance of William Williamson who died in the years. 1840, aged 40 years. , also Margaret, his widow, who died January 7th, 1885 in her 85th years. , owner H. Best, Bradford.

Williamson Kendal

(In. W). To the memory of John Williamson late of Natland Beck, Gent. who departed this life February 29, 1760; aged 51. And Mary his wife, daughter of James and Catherine Cowperthwaite of Whitwell, who died August 20, 1784 ; aged 79. Also Stephen their elder son who died an Infant, This Monument was erected by their only surviving son, James Williamson B.D. of Queen's College, Oxford.

Williamson Kirkby Stephen

(E). Hen. Rycroft, A.M., St, John's CoIl. Cambridge, Vicar 1743. Dum Spectas Fugio, F. Islip, A. W'mson, (i.e. Williamson) A. Dixon, J. Railton, Ch: Wardens. ("On the dial which stood above the door in the south transept." Mr. Berry).

Williamson Kirkby Stephen

Come & let us return unto the Lord for he hath torn and he will heal us, he hath smitten and he will bind us up. After 2 days will he revive us, in the 3rd day he will raise us up & we shall live in his sight. Then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord. In memory of Elizabeth Williamson late wife of John Williamson who departed this life the 12th day of June 1802 aged 24 years.

Williamson Kirkby Stephen

One fate surprised & one grave received them both. To the memory of Thomas Wilkinson aged 44 & of Thomas his son aged 13 years. who were both drowned December 7, 1811. Soon will the Saviour wake their sleeping dust, By sin consigned to greedy death a prey, Then shall the rising bodies of the just, With ceaseless rapture hail the glorious day.

Williamson Long Marton

(N). In memory of Isaac Williamson of this Parish, who died January 10, 1853 aged 77 y. Isabella his wife who died September . 26, 1845 aged 71 years. N.B. There are several stones on which the inscription is either worn away or indecipherable. (Mr. Eyskine.)

Williamson Orton

(N). I.H.S. In memory of Jane daughter of John and Mary Williamson of Tebay who died September ISt 1873 aged 9 years. Also of the above-named John Williamson who died 26th April 1875 aged 41.

Williamson Warcop

(Warcop Tower pew). C. W. 1716 (i.e., Christopher Williamson. Hill MSS., 7, 447.

Williamson Windermere

(S. low altar tomb). Here lie the Remains of Isabel, daughter of Henry and Isabel Williamson of this parish who departed this life the 9th day of June 1769 aged 10 years. Also near this Place are Buried William . Williamson & William . Robinson the Son & Son-in-Law of the above Henry & Isabel Williamson who both lost their lives upon Windermere Water Augst. 17th 1774. William . Robinson buried Augst. 20th aged 27. William . Williamson Augst. 24th aged 35.