North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Winter


Winter Appleby St Lawrence

(E). Erected in m. Edward Allinson, chemist and druggist, who departed this life at Appleby August 19th 1840 aged 35 years. , also in m. Richard Winter, brewer, of the same place, who departed this life November 13, 1844, aged 68 y also Mary his wife who died November 6th, 1861, aged 81 years. Frederick Richard Winter grandson of the above who died September 9th, 1860, aged 5 m.

Winter Crosby Ravensworth

(S.E.) Sacred memory of Henry Wilkinson, late of Reagill, who died at Muddy Gill on the 24th day of March 1833 aged 93 years. also of Mary His wife who died November . 27th 1830 Aged 88 y, also of Ellen their eldest daughter wife of Thomas Winter of Witherslack who died March 14th, 1847 aged 78 years. also of Henry their son, Merchant of Liverpool who died at Reagill Low Field May 22nd, 1852 aged 69 years.

Winter Crosby Ravensworth

(S.E.) Here lieth George Winter of Wickerslack who departed this life Sep 27, 1875, aged 68 years. Barbara His Wife departed this life Sep 24 1850 aged 47 years.

Winter Crosby Ravensworth

(N. Sun dial on pedestal). John Winter Latd. 54, 35. A.D. 1724.

Winter Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Winder, born August 26th 1836, died November 21st 1886.

Winter Kirkby Thore

(S.E). Sacred memory of Robert Winter (of Kirkby Thore) who died January 1st 1876 aged 83 years. Also of Mary his wife who died May 4th 1839 aged 50 years. Also of Thomas their son who died Oct. 25th 1853 aged 25 years. Also of Betsy their daughter who died May 22nd 1860 aged 38 years. Also Robert their son who died September 14th 1876 aged 50 years.

Winter Kirkby Thore

(Date on carved oak Pulpit).–1631

Winter Warcop

(S.) † In memory of John Campbell late of Warcop Tower who died April 15th 1844 aged 55 years. Also James Campbell who died August 24th 1854 aged 47 years. Also Thomas Campbell of Warcop Tower who died April 14th 1858 aged 64Y. George Campbell died January 16th 1860 aged 60 years. Henry Campbell died February 26th 1861 aged 64 years. Also of their only surviving sister Mary Winter, relict of Isaac Winter, who died 13th June 1871 aged 67 years. Also of Robert Campbell of Battlebarrow Appleby who died August 11th 1873 aged 65 [?] years.

Winter Windermere

(S). The Body of Thomas Winter, son of Landale Winter of Kendell Lyeth here Buried who departed life November . the 12 Ao. Dom. 1737.