North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Dawes


Dawes Bampton

(Brass On stone E. wall). In Memory of Philip Jackson who died December the 2nd 1724 aged 60. And Jane his Wife who died Oct. the 20th 1739 aged 70. Also four of their children Philip Jackson who died September . the 11th 1770 aged 72. Mary Dawes widow of John Dawes who died November . the 30th 1776 aged 80. Martha Judson widow of William . Judson who died June the 14th 1781 aged 76. And Olave Jackson who died March l0th 1793 aged 93.

Dawes Barton

Chancel E. brass). Hic jacet Francisca Dawes filia Thomae Fletcher de Strickland Armigeri natu maxima per quam charissima quidem et perdilecta uxor Lanceloti Dawes de Barton-Kirke, Generosi, quæ huic mundo spe multa melioris vicessimo tertio die Februarii valedixit : Anno Ætatis suae xxiii Annoque Domini 1673. Under this stone, Reader, Interr'd doth lye, beauty and Vertue's true Epitomy, Att her appearance the noone-sun blush'd & shrunke in cause quite outdon. In her concenter'd did all graces dwell god pluck'd my Rose yt he might take a smell I'll say noe more; but weeping wish I may soone with thy Deare chast ashes come to lay. Sic efflevit maritus. (These last three words are now, 1886, gone, but are given by N. & B. 1.405.)

Dawes Barton

(Floor): Here lyeth the Body of Lan. Dawes A.M. eldest son of Lan. Dawes D.D. who was married to Mary Whelpdale daughter to Mr. William Whelpdale of Penrith. Was here interr'd on the 9th day of May, in the 35th years. of his age, 1653. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Dawes Barton

(Chancel N. brass). Here lieth the body of Thomas Dawes Esqre of Barton-Kirke who died the 16th Day of August in the 47th years. of his age Anno Domi 1718.*. *"There is another stone in the church," writes Mr. Hudson 26 December 1887, " and I do not know whether any notice has been taken of it. It is at present in the wall between the present vestry and nave of church (south ). There is no inscription on it. There are two trees bearing fruit on each side, and a large flower like a sun-flower in the centre, over which is a fleur-de-lis), and two birds (probably daws) facing each other."